A rose by any other name …


I get to do some interesting things doing this job and this was indeed a first. I was asked to remove an old chandelier and fit a new one along with a new rose.

Having discovered that the existing one was not actually attached to the joist, and wondering how it managed to stay put for so long, I proceeded to remove the old one and rewire under the joist for the new one.

The ceiling rose had to be pre drilled in line with the joist and wiring threaded through. Lots of work and double checking had to be done.

Artex adhesive to ensure a good bond to the ceiling and to finish off around the edges to leave a very nice rose in place.


Returning after it had set and been painted to hand the much bigger chandelier soon.


No Dell boy moments I hope 🙂


Old chandelier

Old Chandelier



Rewired where the joist actually is !


New Rose

New rose in place


Close up

Close up of rose after adhesive, fitting, and finishing.
Just waiting on painting and then I will put the new chandelier up.