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Should I Install A Bathroom Extractor Fan?

Having a bathroom extractor fan can be extremely beneficial in the right circumstances. When should you consider installing one, though? Is it right for you?

Given the way in which we use our bathrooms, they tend to be hotbeds for steam and water vapour building up. This means that without using proper and thorough ventilation you could find that your bathroom becomes damp. Over time, this leads to dampness formulating that can create issues like mould; the damp can even spread into other rooms. With that being the case, you might wonder if installing a bathroom extractor fan would be the right choice for you.

Dampness is a problem that, once spotted, should be dealt with as soon as is possible. Dampness can lead to structural weakness, and it can create damaging microbes in the air that can impact your lungs. For those with respiratory issues, this can make your home feel almost inhospitable. Condensation that builds up from your bathroom can become a primary source of dampness in your bathroom and the surrounding rooms. With that in mind, installing a bathroom extractor fan could help you to remove the condensation from the air which eventually turns to dampness.

  • Dampness and mould can lead to serious issues for you, including but not limited to:

  • Structural damage that can weaken your property and lessen its value

  • Rotting wood, damaged plaster, and peeling wallpaper ruining the aesthetic

  • Damaged and destroyed upholstery, curtains, and accessories due to mould growth

  • Awful smells and odours that can make your house less enjoyable to spend time in

  • Problems breathing due to the presence of mould particles in the air

  • Long-term health issues as a result of the continual inhalation of mould in the air

Can a bathroom extractor fan fix dampness at home?

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Absolutely. If you install a bathroom extractor fan, then it can play a role in helping to remove the moisture from the air. This means that your bathroom fittings and fixtures do not have this moisture building and lingering on top. The bathroom extractor fan also brings in fresh, cooler air that is dry and thus is not going to leave the room damp.

Your bathroom becomes easier to clean, to maintain, and to look after when you invest in an extractor fan. On top of this, it can also help to remove lingering smells and odours – this can be especially useful if your bathroom is a dual-purpose toilet and washroom.

In short, then, having a bathroom extractor fan can help to keep filtered, fresh, and dry air moving through the bathroom. This keeps the place smelling fresher, and ensures that the damaging build-up of mould and the like does not stick to the surfaces of your bathroom. This reduces risk, and also ensures that collateral damage due to moisture does not extend to other rooms.

manrose extractor fan
Manrose 4-inch Timer Extraction Fan Designed for wall, ceiling or window mounting, this comprehensive range offers a wide selection of models for use in bathrooms and toilets. Quiet and efficient, the 100mm (4") series has an impressive extract rate of 85m3 /hr, 23 litres per second, and is available in the eleven options detailed opposite.
envirovent fan
Envirovent SIL100T Silent-100T Axial Silent Extractor Fan Extract Rate: Impressive 26 litres per second, 96 cubic metres per hour. This is one of the highest extraction rates for any 4" axial fan. Sound output: 26.5 dB (A) @ 3 metres. This is one of the quietest fans in the market. Awarded Quiet Mark award 2013.

Understanding bathroom extractor fans so you can make the right choice

Not sure about the use of a bathroom extractor fan? Then these simple questions will break down everything you need to know before you commit to a purchase. Got any other questions? Then reach out to us today and see what we can do for you.

What does a bathroom extractor fan actually do?

The bathroom extractor fan draws moist air out of the room and replaces it with filtered, dry air. This means that you can reduce the risk of condensation, minimising the risk of your bathroom being a haven for mould and dampness to form.

Does my bathroom extractor fan need to face outside?

  • You should always have your extractor fan venting to the building exterior – if it is venting internally, it means you are simply pumping that damp air from one room to the other.

What kind of power level do I need for a bathroom extractor fan?

  • The lowest level of power that you should want from an intermittent bathroom extractor fan is going to be around 15l per second. If your bathroom is an internal room then it might need even more power, or it might have to be left on for longer.

I have a window in my bathroom – do I need an extractor fan?

  • Good question! This is not legally required, but it is still highly recommended. A window will help to reduce moisture, yes, but it cannot do the same job as a bathroom extractor fan. It cannot provide the same strength of airflow and it cannot remove the dampness from their air in the same way.

Does the bathroom extractor fan get rid of condensation?

  • Yes. Condensation is formed when warm air lands on a cool surface, or when you have an excess level of humidity in the air. Installing an extractor fan will make sure that the damp air is brought out of the home to be replaced by dry air instead.

Can I clean my bathroom extractor fan?

  • The best thing to do is to hire a specialist (such as ourselves) to clean out your bathroom extraction fan. The parts are often quite brittle, and it can be easy to cause damage, reducing efficiency or stopping the system from working entirely.

Need a hand in choosing, installing, or maintaining a bathroom extractor fan?

  • Then get in touch today. I can give you all of the insight and support you need to make sure you get the best solution for your home. Regardless of what kind of bathroom extractor fan you need, I will make sure that you make a wise investment that more than pays for itself in time.

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Did you know?...

There are different types of Extractor fan.

The most common are the ones shown in the examples above.

The attach to the wall and the air is extracted straight through the wall to the outside.

However, there is another type.
This is a loft mounted one.

With this type the actual fan is located in the loft space.
The part that you see in the bathroom is basically just a plate with holes in and on the face of it it looks like the wall mounted kind.
However there is no fan in this.
The air is drawn up througfh the plate into a pipe and through the fan.
Another pipe connected to the fan is then taken outside via one method or another.

This type of fan is, or can be much more powerful than the all in one type.
But also costs more!

See an example below:-

Bathroom Extractor Fan Supply and Fit 1
powerful in-duct mounted mixed flow extractor fan designed to produce higher working pressures for applications that require high air flows, with low relative noise.

SO each of these has their place.
One type may be suited to one size of room, where another may be more suited to a different size of room.

Or it maybe that you just want a more powerful and yet quite extractor.

Either way I can supply and fit any of the above fans as shown above.
Note: I only exchange fans that are currently in place. I do not fit from new i.e I will not fit from new.

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