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Tameside Professional Cleaning Services – Cleaning Service for Carpets, in and around Tameside area.
Other services coming soon include – Tiles, Hard Floors, Fabric Sofas and Leather Suites 

Tameside Carpet Cleaning Cleaning

A Little about me...

Hi, and welcome to Tameside Professional Carpet Cleaning Services your local Stalybridge based expert carpet cleaners operating throughout the borough of Tameside, and surrounding areas such as Stalybridge, Ashton-U-Lyne, Denton, Mossley, Hyde, Droylsden and Audenshaw.  If you are looking for a professional carpet cleaning service and have searched for carpet cleaners TAMESIDE then you’ve come to the right place.

My name is John Sweet, and I started carpet cleaning with the intention of adding to my services already offered by my Tameside Handyman business which I started way back in 2015.  

Not only have I invested in the latest world class beating machine I have undertaken training utilising different carpet cleaning methods.

In the future I plan to undertake further training and offer additional fabric sofa cleaning to the mix, soon to be followed by leather suite cleaning, and hard floor cleaning.

tameside carpet cleaning

Tameside Carpet Cleaning

No one can run a business on 50% off "deals" or rooms cleaned for £15 etc!

My customers get a full cleaning service – deep clean, deodorisation, stain removing and all for a sensible cost. 

These cut-price carpet cleaning firms are usually out of town franchises, pretending to be from “your area” – the price is the bait to get into the customers home, the tactic is to raise the price upon arrival.  

Alternatively it maybe that it is a Facebook chancer. Who knows what machines they are using or what products. And who knows what insurance they have should the worse happen. 

Affordable & Sensible Prices !

Now you may look at my pricing and think "I can get it cheaper than that" Well yes you can. But cheap more often means just that "cheap" Cheap equipment - not up to the job. Cheap cleaning solutions - again not up to the job. Then ask yourself do they have the training required to do the job to a safe and high standard!? Do they have public liability insurance should the worse happen.? Are they even a legitimate business if so they will have minimum costs such as fuel, insurances, repairs and upkeep, tax bills and so on and so-forth.

Don't be fooled by a quick, cheap "clean" !

So you will no doubt have seen machines like those below on the high street and on shopping channels. These can be hired or bought from tens of pounds to several hundreds. To be fair they are great for cleaning up the odd spill or spot cleaning perhaps. But if you are looking for a deep down hygienic clean you need the right equipment. Such equipment does not come cheap! In fact 1000s rather than 100s.

Carpet Cleaning 12
Carpet Cleaning 13
Carpet Cleaning 14

Custom designed & built right here in the UK !

Its not often we can say this but this machine is designed and built here in the UK. But more than that this is designed from scratch to be fit for purpose. That purpose is to clean carpets to the highest standard.

texatherm carpet cleaner
Carpet Cleaning 15
texatherm carpet cleaner
texatherm carpet cleaner
texatherm carpet cleaner

Dirtbusters Family Run Carpet Cleaning Company In Liverpool

Call Dave 7 days a week on 0151 448 1797.

Hi, and welcome to Dirtbusters Professional Cleaning Services your local Liverpool based expert sofa, hard floor and carpet cleaners operating throughout Liverpool, WirralWarrington, St Helens & the surrounding areas such as Maghull and Ormskirk.  If you are looking for a professional carpet cleaning service and have searched for carpet cleaners Liverpool then you’ve come to the right place.

My name is Dave Power, and I started carpet cleaning on a full time basis in Liverpool way back in 2006.  In this time I have trained and gained acres of experience in utilising different carpet cleaning methods.

Not long after starting my carpet cleaning business, I added fabric sofa cleaning to the mix, soon to be followed by leather suite cleaning, jet washing and hard floor cleaning (Amtico, limestone etc).

I Don’t Just Do Carpet Cleaning!

As time progressed I trained in the art of hard floor tile cleaning, and I have also been offering a jet washing service in Liverpool for the past 8 years. From October 2019 an Oven cleaning service was added after comprehensive training.

Affordable Prices & Eco-Friendly Methods

Cleaning methods have changed a lot, especially in the last decade, and I always choose the correct cleaning solution in order to get fantastic results – at a great affordable price for all of my many customers – always using green and family friendly cleaning products.

Carpet Cleaning 16

Dirtbusters Family Run Carpet Cleaning Company In Liverpool

No one can run a business on 50% off, rooms £15 etc!

My customers get a full cleaning service – deep clean, deodorisation, stain removing and furniture moved all for a sensible cost. 

These cut-price carpet cleaning firms are usually out of town franchises, pretending to be from Merseyside – the price is the bait to get into the customers home, the tactic is to raise the price upon arrival.  

You can see this kind of thing if you Google “BBC Watchdog carpet cleaning rogue traders.”


Carpet Cleaning 17

First Room £50

Carpet Cleaning 18

Each Additional Room £20

Carpet Cleaning 19

Second Room £30


Cleaning At It's Best
Professional Carpet Cleaners in Tameside

Want more than just another Facebook carpet cleaner?

Since 2015 I have provided a range of services to my loyal and ever growing customer base. Since setting up Tameside Handyman I have worked in homes and businesses around the area giving a 5 star service – Their words not mine 🙂

Some skills were self taught, some gained from working at varied employed posts throughout my career. Some however I have obtained professional training in. Carpet cleaning being one of them.

tameside carpet cleaning


Now that the days of wooden hard flooring being more popular than carpets are fading...


Our friendly oven cleaning technicians Tal and his son Sam ensure you get a premium...


Are you looking for great upholstery cleaning? Has your favourite chair seen better...


If you need a leather sofa cleaner in Liverpool (I also clean leather on The Wirral) then...


Our friendly hard floor cleaning service will get your floor looking pristine....


Dirtbusters are a family run business and really understand the importance of customer..


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Is Professional Carpet Cleaning Worth It? - A quick guide

So many reasons…. Let me share an article with you from Texatherm who provide the world class cleaning machines that will be used to clean your carpets.

Is Professional Carpet Cleaning Worth It? A carpet can make a cosy and stylish addition to a living room, bedroom or hall, but with people walking all over it every day, it can easily harbour grime, dirt, bacteria, pet and human hair, not to mention skin, dust mites etc.

So, how often should we be getting it cleaned? Perceived wisdom is that we should vacuum once or twice weekly to ensure that surface level dirt and loose abrasive particles within the fibres are removed, but it’s of equal importance to get your carpet deep-cleaned to ensure that the contaminants lurking under the surface fibres are removed.


Whether you’ve just had a new carpet laid and wonder how often it needs to be deep cleaned or are simply curious as to whether you are following the best procedure when it comes to carpet cleaning solutions, read on.

Think of your carpet as a filter trapping pollutants that would otherwise be in the air. So this is great news, not only does it look great but it is helping with keeping the air quality in the house better. We need to empty this filter regularly and maintain it

Generally speaking, it’s advisable to get your carpet deep-cleaned annually. However, if you have a full household, own pets or have smokers living in the house, then this could be increased to once every six months.

If anyone in your household suffers from allergies or illnesses this can be exacerbated by many pollutants reducing air quality in your home for e.g. general dust, bacteria from food spills, dust mites and their carcasses that float in the air when disturbed etc, I’m sure you’ve seen them when on a sunny day the stream of sun light through your windows highlights small particles floating in the air.

In this scenario a deep clean on a quarterly basis could be advisable. Children and pets, in particular are recipes for a dirty carpet, whether it’s spilt juice or muddy foot or paw prints from playing in the garden. Such stains can require specialist carpet cleaning products used by professionals, this is where Texatherm can help.

Vacuuming helps maintain carpets, but to help keep them looking good in the long-term, a regular deep clean is essential. You may ask yourself, why should I use a professional carpet cleaner? or Is Professional Carpet Cleaning Worth It?

Not only is it important to remove the stains and abrasive pollutants but it is just as important to remove the cleaning agents. Alkali cleaner residues are corrosive to natural fibres and if left can damage natural fibres and cause a resoling problem.

Applying a shampoo through a hire machine without rinsing with fresh water will leave residues in the carpet that will attract soil. Your carpet may look clean but for how long?

When booking a carpet cleaner ask for details on how they are going to clean you carpets. Some unscrupulous untrained carpet cleaners will only spray and recover detergent through their machines, removing the soils but leaving detergent residues behind.

A little knowledge could save you £££s in damage and early replacement. Ask a professional carpet cleaner, are you applying the cleaner directly to the carpet followed by rinsing out the soil and cleaning agent with a stabilising acidic rinse?

Texatherm specialise in professional carpet cleaning training. Once trained, these technicians have experience in using multiple cleaning methods to suit each carpet type and can tackle a wide range of stains that the general public would find difficult to remove without potentially damaging the fibres.

They also come equipped with specialist professional carpet cleaning chemicals which are coupled with the worlds most advanced professional carpet cleaning machines. These carpet cleaning machines are leading the industry and have been designed and built in the UK.

No Gimmicks - No Offers

Now as those of you who have used my Handyman services and my website I try to keep things a relatively simple and straightforward as possible.  The Tameside Carpet cleaning aim is to supply a superior, deep carpet and sofa cleaning service at a great price.

No pricing gimmicks such as 50% off, rooms £15 etc, I provide a quality clean at a sensible cost.  

Carpet Cleaning 21


As with my other services that I offer/have offered from my handyman services pages I like to give some simple but important pre-booking information and advice.

This gets updated and changed as and when required.

  1. How do I book?
    All bookings are made online via my self-service booking system
  2. If you are a commercial premises or your booking does not fall within the standard domestic clean then you must book an assessment.
  3. Do I move furniture?
    I will move “some” but not all.
    If you want areas cleaned that currently have furniture covering it then you need to make that area clear. 
    I will move such things as sofas and chairs but please do not ask me to move such things as vases, table lamps, TVs and such like.
  4. Parking – This is an important one!
    Parking can sometimes be a challenge for you and I. 
    It is vital to be able to park close, or reasonably close to your premises!
    I have big, heavy equipment and I also need to consider the security of my van.
    Also take into consideration such things as rush hour, school run, restricted parking times.
    Similarly do not ask me to get down narrow, dangerous or inaccessible roads. Just because your car can does not mean my van can.
  5. How long does my carpet take to dry?
    Not straightforward but the short answer is it can take between 1 and 6hrs.
    However, this depends on many things such as type of carpet, weather/heat conditions, cleaning process used/required ….to name a few.
  6. Vacuuming – There is no need to vacuum the carpet, sofa or floor tiles as I take care of that too.
  7. Pet & Children – If there are any pets or children in the house, please be aware that the front door will be slightly ajar as hoses are connected to my machine outside.
Important note – If it’s a morning job I like Tea, afternoons I prefer coffee ?

Didn’t find your answer?

If you have any questions about my cleaning services, just send me a message. 
It maybe that your question gets added to my Q&As for others to benefit from.

Steam Carpet Cleaning

Quite often I am asked if I use Pure steam to clean carpets or upholstery.  Well in short – NO, as this will only cause damage. Delicate wool carpets as an example will be damaged irreversibly with pure steam, and if anyone attempts fabric upholstery cleaning with just steam, it will show damage with the pile being set in the wrong direction with the steam partially melting the fibres.

I choose the right cleaning solution for the particular job at hand, and there are a few to pick from.  It may be hot water extraction, bonnet cleaning or a low moisture foam clean.  Once the job is seen, the decision will be made.

Please feel free to take a look at the Dirtbusters website, and if you have any questions on carpet or upholstery, hard floor, jetwash cleaning or oven cleaning – or would like to book a clean, call Dave on 0151 448 1797
7 days a week, 8 am – 8 pm.

Why not take a look at my cleaning & handyman blog?

Carpet Cleaning 22

SOFT Wash vs Power Wash

70 Spot the difference! So you may, at first glance think this is just a single stone paving slab that has been power washed. The

One Call Cleans It All
Call John For Carpet Cleaning In Tameside

Thanks for using Tameside Carpet Cleaning!

All cleaning works are to be paid for once the job is complete, commercial customers may pay via invoice. Deferred payment may be possible as agreed by both parties with a maximum of 14 days from receipt!

Carpet Cleaning 23
I accept cash, credit/ debit cards or bank transfer

Payment is due on completion. In the case of bank transfer by the end of the day.

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