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Odd jobs / other

So there are the “other” job also known as “Odd jobs” around your home or place of work that I do….

Odd jobs – Just haven’t had the time or just cannot be bothered with those little things around the house that need doing? I am your man. Something hanging off or loose? Picture needs hanging? 

Take a look below and see what I currently offer and if you do not see a service it does not necessarily mean i do not provide it. You only have to ask and I will let you know.

Please check back regularly to check out more of what i will do and have done and please, please share with your family and friends so that I can continue to provide a the service you want.

put up shelving

I have listed below just a SMALL range of jobs that people ask me to do.

As you would expect I get asked to hang a lot of things on a lot of walls.
All of which I am happy to do.
Some of those include:-

Pictures / Paintings
Toilet Roll Holders
Hanging Baskets
Door Canopies
TV Brackets

And the list goes on.



I also get asked about hanging on plasterboard  – the answer is yes I can do that also.

Although I do know my way around anything electrical, both domestic and industrial I am not certified to do certain types of work. This is both dangerous and illegal. So even if you do not use my services you must check what other people claim they are allowed to do. That said, I am permitted to change/replace certain things around your home. Such as sockets, lights, bulbs, tubes, plugs, fuses etc.

Again the word plumbing is often associated with many things. Just like electrical work this is governed by certain legal and safety implications.
As a DIYer and Handyman you and I are both restricted by what we can a cannot do.
So again be sure that whoever you use is permitted / certified / qualified to actually do what he/she says they are!

One of the jobs I get asked most often in summer is for an Outside Tap
A list of what I can and will do are listed on the Plumbing page.