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As you will see throughout this site I will tell you what I can do, what I cannot do or more accurately what I choose not to do as a HandyMan.
Electrical Work 1

Although I do know my way around most things electrical, both domestic and industrial I am not certified to do certain types of work.
This is both dangerous and illegal. So even if you do not use my services you must check what other people claim they are allowed to do.
That said, I am permitted to change/replace certain things around your home. Such as sockets, lights, bulbs, tubes, plugs, fuses etc.

As a basic guide and rule of thumb – If it is in place I can replace or repair.

And yes the image above is one of my jobs.
This was a very large chandelier 🙂

If in doubt just ask.
But chances are for all your basic electrical requirements I can help and usually cheaper than an electrician.


Electrical - Examples of work
Home – Electrics
Replace lights
Replace electrical sockets & plugs
Replace extractor fans
Install television and audio
Fix low voltage lights
Fit new doorbell
Replace/fit smoke alarms
Office – Business
Replace bulbs
Fit new appliances
Pat testing and certificates (seperate rates for testing)
New lighting fitted • Electical office maintenance visits
Landlords – Agents
Quick service
Great price
Timely repairs
Maintenance schedules
Flat / property inspections
Most services as per Home & Office above
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