Frequently asked questions about Tameside Handyman Services

No, I do not do any type of waste removal.

That includes removing packaging from your supply and fit installs. Such as radiators and taps etc.

I respectfully request that you dispose of such packaging, old taps and radiators in responsible manner.

I cover/work within Tameside.

There are a few small exceptions to this where the location is very nearby.

If in doubt contact me first.


It is vital that any work carried out on gas you must use someone who is gas safe approved!

Note I can work on your plumbing without being gas safe as it does not require such a safety requirement.

No sorry, this is a job I get asked to do a lot but I’m afraid I do not choose to do them.

No, sorry, I leave this to those who do this type of work day in day out.

No, sorry, I leave this to those who are skilled in this area.

 No, sorry, I used to do painting and quite frankly could make a living from it, but I no longer choose to do this service.

Yes I do – HOWEVER….

I tend to avoid giving this out and when someone does call my number they will receive a voice message.
That message will tell the caller basically what I am about to say here.

I do not take bookings over the phone.

Incidentally I also do not take bookings via text, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, or any other method than via my booking system or email.

I understand this does not work for everyone, however in all the years I have been doing business this way it works for the vast majority.

It allows for one point of contact and means that each party can keep track of what has been said and when.

No, missed text messages because they have been read and cannot be unread.

No sending by one method only to send via another part way through a conversation.

No writing on scraps of paper, only to loose them.

No writing so fast I cannot read my own writing.

Less wasting time.

And the list goes on.

So please, use my booking system for all FIXED price jobs.

And for ALL other enquires use my CONTACT page to send an email.

No. However, so I do not have to charge such a fee I try to get as much information as possible from the customer (via email) as possible.

So if I ask a lot of questions it is to avoid wasted time/money for both of us.

In addition to providing as much detail in your initial enquiry, where relevant please provide any photos to support your job enquiry.