Frequently Asked Questions


Do you charge for coming out and giving an Estimate

No, I will come to see you at an agreed time, look at what job(s) you want doing, go away and prepare an estimate which I can email to you or return to you in writing if you have no email facilities. None of this time is charged to you at any time whether you then have the work done or not.

What is an Estimate

Estimates are good for finding out roughly how much you will have to pay for materials and labour. I use my skill and experience when estimating the cost, however, unlike a quotation, an estimate is not an offer to do the job for that amount, it is my best guess as to how much the work will cost.

If after you have agreed to the estimated cost, there is some sudden and unexpected increase, you would be consulted as soon as I become aware.


  • A world shortage of timber has caused the price of decking to double between you being given the quote and me ordering the materials. You would be consulted before the materials were purchased.
  • Having started to remove the tiles around your bath to replace them with new tiles I find that they were stuck on with cement rather than tile adhesive (trust me it happens). As a result the job will take me say 8hrs instead of say 5hrs and thus the labour charge will increase from the estimated £75 to £120. You would be consulted before you incur labour charges you were not expecting.

If I estimate 4hrs to do a job and it turns out it only takes me 3hrs, firstly I will do it in 3hrs and secondly you will only be charged for 3hrs.

Do You Provide Materials?

It really depends upon the job. Most small jobs such as treating decking or replacing a cracked socket only require a small up-front cost investment for materials which I am happy to do. If the up-front investment is for something more expensive or involving postage costs such as ordering a new oven, then I will discuss purchasing options with you first.

I do carry a stock of screws, nails, hooks, plumbing fittings, electrical sockets and switches, sealants and adhesives etc.

If you have any burning questions please do ask as the answers may be useful to other customers.

If I feel that they warrant being put in the FAQs I shall post them above for all to see.


John Sweet – Tameside Handyman 

Is there anything you do NOT do?

Well there are lots of things I do and lots I do not.

However there are a few things that I often get asked if I do, which unfortunately I do NOT do…

They are –

Tiling (unless its a very small repair job)




Power Washing

What can be cleaned?

We are able to pressure clean pretty much anything.  Driveways & Patio’s but we  also clean brickwork, pathways, fences and decking areas.
Most hard surfaces in fact.

I have a block driveway, is this a problem?

No. We can clean any kind of drive, whether it is block, crazy pave, concrete, tarmac or good old slab paving. The price is the only thing that alters between different types of driveway, as some are more labour intensive. Also block paving needs to be re-sanded after cleaning to ensure the blocks don’t move around which can cause loose bricks. We can even re sand your joints with a state of the art water activated polymeric sand. In short no more sand loss or weed growth (approx 5 years)

Can you seal my drive/patio?

Yes is the short answer.
However you need to request this service and we need to have a chat about your requirements.

Do you use chemicals?

A good question, generally the answer is SOMETIMES.
Saying that, we only use water to physically pressure clean your drive or patio, however if there are any stains on the drive or patio such as oil from a leaking car, then we may need to apply a form of stain remover/de-greaaser to try and lift the stain. As with all stains, not all can be removed, especially if they have been left for a long time. We will do our best to remove or reduce the appearance of any staining. The other chemical we may use is a general purpose weed/moss/algae killer. This really depends on how bad the area is. Pressure cleaning will remove moss and algae etc but sometimes it’s good practice to give the area a pre-treatment on heavy moss or weed build-up. We avoid brick acids as they contain really harsh chemicals which can damage stonework.
I also use diluted sodium hypochlorite.
This can be very effective both on decking and also on hard surfaced areas for killing/removing certain growths such a lichen.

Will you be using my electricity?

NO. Our pressure washing system uses a state of the art petrol driven engine. It doesn’t need any source of electrical power.

What about water?

In order for us to clean we need a source of water. Unfortunately with all good will a regular size vehicle isn’t really capable of carrying sufficient quantities of water to clean large size driveways and patios. So we will need access to a water source. This must be via an outside tap.
If you need an outside tap fitting this is a service I can also offer.

Is the work weather dependent?

Actually NO it is not. At least generally speaking.
The equipment I use is ok to be used in rain it will not damage it.
That said if you have a suitable covered area such as a garage that I could run my equipment from then this would be preferable but not essential.
Additionally – If it is absolutely lashing it down this is not ideal but I would assess this on the day.

If you require your block paving re-sanded then this cannot be done after power washing has just taken place. It must be bone dry for this to be completed.

What IS and IS NOT included in the quote?

So the price I quote is for power washing.

Sounds obvious right?

Not quite.

Whilst I am happy to move a “few”  items from the area to be cleaned the price does not include moving lots of items.

If you tell me at the time of requesting the quote that I will be required to move things around to be able to clean I will quote accordingly.

I have had to put this notice in place due to past experience of having spent a significant period of time just moving pots, garden furniture, storage units and so on.

What’s your guarantee?

Well we guarantee we will do a good job. Our aim is to ensure that your happy with the finished result, and I am certain you will be amazed at how dirty your drive and patio area actually is, and how clean it will be when we are done. What I can’t guarantee is how long your newly cleaned area will stay clean for. So many factors will come into play, such as the time of year and how much traffic that particular area gets. You can’t expect a freshly cleaned driveway to still look sparkly clean 8 months to a year later, especially in England.
Also, the age and condition of the area being cleaned will also have a big impact on the final result.
You cannot expect a 10 year old drive to look as good as a 1 year old drive no matter how “clean” it is.