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    John Sweet
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  • Brexit over - In or out - Makes no difference when it comes to good old French drains :-)

    Tenuous i grant you but the fact is this is what we installed in Meltham to hopefully improve the drainage issues in the front and back garden of this property.

    I say this every time but this was hard graft.

    I would go so far as to say the hardest physical job so far.

    What with clay and stone to contend with in hindsight a mini digger would have served better. 

    So as you can see trenches dug, stone laid, pipe wrapped and put in to trench.
    This was then covered with more stone and finally replaced turf.

    A very big hole for the soakaway for pipe to feed into.

    We left the turf off the front garden as this made for a nice place to put pots and a nice boarder.
    Plus the fact that the turf was in no fit state even before we lifted it.