Getting Plastered…

So as you may have seen throughout my site I am a Handyman 🙂

Seriously though, I am a Handyman which means I will not do things that I am not skilled enough to do, prefer not to do or legally permitted to do.

One of the things I am not skilled enough to do is plastering.

I can and will do minor plastering such as filling cracks and holes but that is it.

What you have to understand is that I charge the rate I do for a reason.

Can you imagine how much a plasterer would charge to fill a few cracks and holes!?

Well he would charge the same rate that he charges normally.

So if you need cracks filling I can happily accommodate at a very, very good price. Fixed hourly rate remember.

I am not a replacement for any contractor or someone who has spent years developing their skills in one very specific area.

I am, for want of a better expression, a jack of all trades and here to serve a high standard.

John – Tameside Handyman