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Importance of Cleaning Your Gutter Regularly


Many people are aware of the need of gutters in their respective homes but most don’t take the necessary measures to maintain and keep the gutter in working condition. Homeowners need to cultivate the habit of cleaning their gutters frequently and not waiting until something goes wrong. To avoid disaster in your homes, you need to be more proactive in maintaining the sanity of your gutter.

It is very easy to forget about it especially when you have many things to take care of, but failure to clean your gutters can have repercussions. So, how often do you need to clean your gutter? Why do you need to clean your gutter? What are the consequences of not cleaning your gutter? All these questions will be answered in this article.

Firstly, gutters mainly prevent water damage and convey water droplets from the roof to other locations where they are linked with other water bodies.

How often should you clean your gutter?

Strive to get your gutter cleaned at least twice in a year, preferably between the spring and the autumn. This is considered as the ideal time because rainfall is at its peak during this season and leaves tend to wither and fall at the same time.

If there is a need for you to clean your gutter more than twice, you should ensure it is done. This is common among homeowners that have trees close to their houses which lead to leaves clogging in gutters. You should also inspect your gutter once in 3 months if possible depending on the foliage of the resident trees and the amount of rainfall.

Why do you need to clean your gutter?

Cleaning your gutter lowers the risk of any damage to your house as clean gutters avoid water damage due to erosion and reduces the process as water is effectively drained to the gutters.

In addition to rusting, houses that have many trees around it can be prone to fire outbreak which threatens that vicinity. Flammable debris and dry leaves can lead to fire disaster which won’t be restricted to the gutter and can easily spread resulting into a serious home fire.

What are the consequences of not cleaning your gutter?

Inadequate cleaning of your gutter attracts various pests such as mosquitoes (and other such insects) mice, squirrels. Damaged gutters will cause cracks and holes in your buildings from which other pests like rodents and insects can gain access to your house.

Stagnant water in the gutter can also lead to various bacteria and fungi growing in that area thereby increasing the pollen counts and making life difficult for people who are allergic to such or prone to sickness.

Clogged gutters can also be responsible for erosion, altering the foundation and destroying your gardens. This can lead to water flowing into your windows and wall, leading to severe damage that can be expensive to fix.

It is therefore compulsory to clean your gutter frequently and effectively to prevent these consequences and stay healthy. You wouldn’t want to be spending your cash on hospital bills and repairs of you house. To avoid these, ensure you maintain your gutter. If you feel you are not up to the task, you can hire professionals who clean and repair gutters.

I am one of those said Gutter Cleaning Professionals…Read On:


Gutter Cleaning, but not as you know it!

Watch the video and you will see the most powerful vac of its type in the world.
Using the worlds most powerful gutter cleaning vac I can access most gutters, including over conservatories etc without so much as leaving the ground.



Mid Terrace


3-Bed Semi


4 Bed Detached


  • Local friendly professional service
  • Safely clear gutters from the ground
  • Residential – ONLY £45 to £95
  • High powered SkyVac system
  • No ladders Needed
  • Poor access or conservatories not an issue.
  • No damage to gutters from ladders.
  • Can be done in most weather – rain or shine
  • £5M liability insurance cover
  • NOTE:- Access to mains power is required
  • Also as most gutter waste is ideal for composting I would require that I am permitted to empty the extracted gutter contents either in your garden waste bin, your composter or on your garden.
  • Whilst this is fantastic for cleaning out gutters in what would normally be hard to access locations such as above conservatories etc the SkyVac equipment still needs to be able to move around your property. So Access to all areas is required and requires a min gap equivalent to a normal door gap i required.
  • Safety is paramount and if high winds or an electrical thunderstorm is imminent I will have to reschedule. Also parked cars which sit under, or close to the gutter line will need to be moved.

For business premises please contact me for a quote.

  • Reaches up to 40ft from ground with one operative
  • Costs to hire expensive plant are eliminated
  • Extremely lightweight and easy to use
  • Provides a safer, cleaner, environment

As you can see height and obstructions are rarely and issue.


NOTE: Access to mains power is required

Also as most gutter waste is ideal for composting I would require that I am permitted to empty the extracted gutter contents either in your garden waste bin, your composter or on your garden.

Areas Covered: All of Tameside

Additional Area Covered At Additional Charge of £5 –

Check out my online calendar for bookings.
Some limited Saturday AM slots available upon request. Please email me direct for Sat availability.

If in doubt JUST ASK.

If you have previously had your gutters cleaned but not all of them due to an obstruction such as a conservatory, extension, porch etc never fear Sky Vac is here:
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