Installing Light Fittings…

Installing new light fittings can create a wonderful new look in any room of your home. Any home improvement work that requires electrical expertise, should be left to an expert. When working with electricity, it is essential to understand electrical systems, not only for personal safety, but also to ensure that no damage is done in the process.  Installing Light Fittings... 1

Your Tameside Handyman has the experience you need to have your new light fittings installed in a safe and professional manner. If you have a light fitting that is not operating properly or you would like to add a stunning element to your interior design, call the Tameside Handyman for an affordable quote.

Your electrical work will be completed properly, and your attractive, new light fitting will be securely affixed. Beware of inexperienced light fitting installers who could cause short circuits in your electric power or leave a fitting loose with the possibility of falling. With Tameside Handyman, you can rest assured that the job will be well done.

Please note that building regulations do not enable the installation of a new light fitting socket. However, we can install a new fitting where one already exists. In addition, your Tameside Handyman would be happy to replace an outlet, light switch, or bulb.

Contact the Tameside Handyman today for a consultation on replacing your light fittings.


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