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    John Sweet
    Tameside Handyman

  • This was a challenge but the satisfaction comes with the end result.

    Take a good look at some of the pictures.


    The underside and top side.

    This was a case of silicone over silicone over silicone over... well you get the idea :-)


    And even with all the silicone and filler and expanding foam and who know what else it still leaked.


    The pictures show (if i have them in the correct order) show how bad things were.


    Now the main reason for the existing silicone being ineffective was that there was a huge gap between the wall/tiles and the bath.

    So after a good clean up I moved the whole bath closer to the wall in both directions.

    This closed up the gap to where it should have been and allowed me to put a nice seal all round.


    Its all in the prep !