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    John Sweet
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  • Job Opportunity with Tameside Handyman

    April 12, 2018 | Blog | handy
  • Come work with me and take over the world…. well our part of it

    Job Opportunity working with Tameside Handyman.

    As my reputation has grown so too has my workload.

    I am potentially looking to take on a person or persons on a Self Employed basis to help me with my growing customer base.

    Perhaps you are a handy person who is looking for something to do and earn some money?

    Are you already a Handyman/woman but don’t have enough business and would be looking to fill some downtime?

    Whatever your background or reasons I am happy to hear from anyone.
    Just remember this is not a big business and as such I cannot offer big pay or empty promises, but maybe with the right person…. well who knows this time next year πŸ™‚

    The right person needs to meet certain criteria and the following is the minimum I would ask from any applicant:-

    1. Self employed – If you are not currently self employed then you must be willing to make all appropriate steps to register as such. You must be able to invoice me so you can get paid.

    2. Flexible – As this is an ad-hock basis and my work load and type of jobs vary from week to week so will my need to call upon your services.

    3. Physically Fit – You may, and more often than not be called upon to perform some physically demanding jobs. Working either on your own or with me you have to be able to cope with whatever task is requested. If I can do it then I would expect you to be able to.

    4. Mobile – Must have own transport or someone willing to drop you off and pick you up if and when required. There may be times when I will pick you up and drop you off but this should not be expected.

    5. Own Initiative – Some jobs will be working with me. Some jobs I will be on-site with you but you will be doing your given task and I will be doing mine. Some jobs you may be on your own completely whilst I will be dealing with other matters. You have to be willing to accept these conditions.

    6. Location – At this time I am looking for someone in or around (close to) the Tameside area.

    7. Insurance – Whilst I will have all necessary insurance you may also require certain insurance and I will need to see proof of this IF required. This is something I still have to look into.

    8. Big or Small – Whilst I am not looking for a β€œhighly skilled” handyman/woman I am looking for someone who is a general all rounder. I am also looking for someone who is more than willing to do anything (within reason) that is asked of them.

    9. Attention to detail – I am looking for someone who is eager to please. Yes me but more so the customer. You need to be clean and tidy both in appearance and the manner in which you work. You must be polite at all times.

    10. Sense of humour – You need a sense of humour πŸ˜‰

    11. FutureΒ Aspirations – Whilst this is not an offer of employment as such it could be in the future. Much of that is in my hands and customer supply/demand, but equally so it is in your hands.

    If you would like to touch base with me you can do so by sending a CV (if you have one) and cover letter.

    At least the very least send a email explaining why you are interested in joining me and just telling me about you and what you can bring to the table.

    I will also require that you provide your required hourly rate.!

    At this time I am looking for general all-round handy people but would like those with good skills in one or more of the following areas right now:-

    • Handyman/woman
    • Painting
    • Wallpapering
    • Patios/Flagging
    • Joinery
    • Plastering
    • Tiling
    • Fencing
    • Flooring – laminate and other.
    • Gardening / Garden maintenance

    If in doubt just send me an email and we can chat!

    John Sweet
    Tameside Handyman

    email ONLYjohn@handymantameside.com