My Dog Shower

My Dog Shower


After installing over 500 outside taps I have been asked a number of questions.

One of the questions I often get asked is “Can you install a thermostatically controlled hot tap?”

I have always said, well yes I can but I don’t.

The reasons I give are cost and practicality.

PRACTICALITY – more often than not I am installing under a kitchen sink.
This is challenging enough sometimes, due to space and being able to work around pipes and other such obstacles.

COST – Due the materials and labour it would, for many be too costly.

My Dog Shower 1

The Solution

So after some thought I figured there must be a way to combat the objections of cost & practicality.

PRACTICALITY – To address the space issue I figured it would be best to use the space on the exterior wall.
Much more space there and no obstructions.

COST – Whilst there are parts and labour to take into account these can be fixed.
That helps me and YOU. 
We both know exactly what it will cost with no nasty surprises.


What do I get?

My Dog Shower Locked
My Dog Shower Open

From the image you can see the general set-up.

Here is what you DO get.

  • You get the grey box, which contains the thermostat and connectors.
  • You get the two short hoses that connect to YOUR outside Hot & Cold taps.
  • You also get free delivery and set up in the TAMESIDE AREA by me – Tameside Handyman.

What you do NOT get is the final hosepipe.
Most people will have a hosepipe to be fair.

You do NOT get the outside taps, which you need to connect “My Dog Shower” to!

I can install a Hot or Cold – or BOTH outside taps subject to conditions set out here –
his service must be booked separately.

My Dog Shower - Video Demo

Questions, Questions...

I know you will have a few questions and I aim to answer those here.

I will start by asking myself some of those questions and put the answers here.

As I get any more that I may not of thought of I will add them.

How Much...£££?

I have tried to keep the price as low as I can based on the cost of (ever increasing) parts and taking into account my labour costs.

The price is currently £130


 I am now taking orders.

So if you would like to purchase “My Dog Shower”  you just need to go to the booking page and choose the Plumbing Category.

On this page here –
LEASE NOTE: I build them all to order and require a min of TWO weeks notice.
So bear that in mind when choosing a date.

My Dog Shower - Just What Do You Get?

Well as I say, and make it very clear when I am installing an outside hot tap – They are HOT !

Sounds obvious but if it is not temperature controlled then, just like it would inside the house it can, and will scald!!

So if you are planning on using it for washing the dog you need to be able to control the temperature.

Now there is a way to sort of mix the hot and cold using a hose pipe and joining them together.
BUT, this does not “control” the temperature.
It just mixes the water.
It can be very difficult to maintain a proper mix to maintain anything close to a suitable temperature using this method.

Also, another reason is that if you just use the hot tap to fill the pool or jacuzzi for example, you run the risk of damaging your hose pipe, especially the newer non kink flexi hoses. These can be damaged at too higher temp.

These are great for cleaning your dogs outside BUT also great for such things as filling hot tubs as it is quicker and more cost effective to use warm/heated water than trying to heat cold water using electric.
And what about cleaning the car and paddling pools etc. etc.

The short answer is YES.

You need a Hot & a COLD outside tap.

Furthermore they need to be within a reasonable proximity to each other.

It is no good having one tap on the back of the house and the other on the front for example.

I can, in most cases install one or both of these taps if you do not currently have either of them.

Please refer to this page for more details –