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Outdoor LED Floodlight with PIR

outdoor floodlight

Supply and fit LED Outdoor floodlight / flood light with PIR sensor
This is a service a offer to customers who have existing wiring in place. SO for example you may have an old light that use to work but no longer does. So the wiring would be in place.

I can provide an install “from scratch”, which is where you do not currently have wiring in place. However, I would need further details of where it is going and most likely photos or even an on-site assessment. 

Note that the light is LED and not halogen. It will last longer and use less electric. When it does need replacing the light gets replaced as one unit not just a bulb.
PIR sensor is integrated (part of the light) and all needs replacing at the same time as light. 

Whilst I try to use the same make each time this may not always be possible so a comparable light/pir may be used.

That said, there are many, many similar looking lights out there and some a very cheap. The issue is they are not just cheap in price but also in construction!
These should be avoided and that is why I supply and fit, because I know the ones to avoid and as I say I try to stick with the quality ones.

outdoor floodlight
floodlight LED

Prices for install are dependant up the power output of the light you require.

supply and fit outside floodlight
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Long lasting integrated LED. Ideal for lighting up an entrance to welcome visitors and deter potential intruders. PIR with sensitivity, adjustable time and lux light setting.

  • IP65: For Outdoor Use
  • Cool White
  • 5000lm
  • Die-Cast Aluminium Body
  • Tempered Glass Lens
  • Up to 30,000 Hours Life
  • 120° Up to 10m PIR Sensor Range
  • Adjustable Dusk-to-Dawn Sensor
  • Adjustable Tilting Head

Area Tameside Handyman Covers

areas tameside handyman covers

If you want to book me, Tameside Handyman to supply and fit an outside floodlight / security light for you just use the booking page. So long as you fall inside the area indicated in the map I make no additional charge.

Some reasons to have an outside security light fitted.

When it comes to home security, floodlights are an often-overlooked deterrent. Many people think that if they have a burglar alarm, they don’t need floodlights. This isn’t always the case. Floodlights can be an important part of your home security system, and here are several reasons why you should consider installing one:

They act as a deterrent. floodlights are an effective way to deter burglars and intruders. If your property is well-lit, it’s less likely to be targeted by criminals.

They improve security camera footage. If you have a security system with cameras, floodlights can help to improve the quality of the footage

An outside security light can act as a floodlight, lighting up a large area and making it more difficult for intruders to hide.

A well-placed security light can also act as a deterrent, making potential intruders think twice about attempting to enter your property.

Security lights can also be used to provide illumination for CCTV cameras, making it easier to identify any intruders who do attempt to break into your home.

Outside security lights can also make it easier and safer for you to move around your property at night, as well as deterring any would-be burglars from attempting to break in.

Finally, security lights can add an extra layer of protection to your home and give you peace of mind, knowing that you and your property are well-protected against intruders.

If you’re still on the fence about having a security light fitted, why not give us a call today and we can talk you through the options? We’re always happy to help.

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