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5 star review

One of the many jobs I get asked “Do i fit outside taps?”

The answer is YES.
In fact barely a week goes by in summer that I am not fitting an outside tap – FACT!

The next question is “How Much?”

The answer is £70 – Supplied and fitted.

If you want a HOT water tap its the same price. – WARNINGHOT Means HOT and it is NOT thermostatically controlled !

If you do require a thermostat please contact me for a price.

(If you would like two taps fitted at the same time and same property it would be £120)

I do get asked if I can do it cheaper or that someone is doing it cheaper can you match it….
My reply is always the same – No Sorry.
I run a business and I know my costings for materials, fuel, insurance, tools and equipment, public liability, accounting…. to name but a few.
I also know the true value of my service, my time, my experience.
But I appreciate your enquiry. 🙂 

Just note that the price is based on fitting to the same wall as the water supply.!!
So for example the kitchen sink would be on the same wall/side of house as the wall that you want the outside tap.
Or some other suitable source of water.

I have nothing but 5 Star reviews from my customers (over 100 taps fitted!) – FACT! Outside Tap 1

What i also add to my replies is –

…. I supply and fit these outside taps and plumb them into the pipework. I do not use the “kits” with a hose pipe and that screw into the pipe.
I will not use them as they are inferior to plumbing in properly.

And I can confirm that I have personal experience of the kits failing.

The screw in pipe adaptors fail along with the hose pipes which can split. FACT!
Just saying

I do NOT use these outside tap kits!

IF they do seem to work on installation you are running the risk of issues down the line – Thats a Guarantee not just an opinion !

The screw on pipe cutter make a tiny hole which means you will not get best water pressure.
This hole makes a flap of metal which often closes after time.
The other thing that quite often happens is the hose pipe splits. IF you are luck you are around to switch of the mains.

Outside Tap 2
  • Using a regulation Double Check Valve all brass tap – The check valve is used to prevent a back flow of water re entering the mains system (as per Water Regs) Many other people do not use these to cut costs.
  • I install an isolator so that you can cut off water to the tap should you need to, say for example in winter.
  • Includes a quick fit connector to allow for easy hose connection.

Also worth considering when you see some dubiously low prices advertised….

  • Do they have Public liability insurance?
  • What type of parts are they using?
  • Will they return if there are any issues.

Outside Double Socket

Many of my customers also opt for one of my other services at the same time. 
Supply and fit of an outside double electrical socket.
Click to learn more about this service

outside electrical socket

Payments I accept :- Cash, Bank Transfer or Card

Another word about push fitting – SO this is something that may or may not be of any interest to you and feel free to skip this section.

I often get people (plumbers mainly) arguing the toss about using push fitting.
Rest assured these are absolutely perfect for this job.
There is only a small minority of plumbers and other individuals who like to go on about the use of these fittings and their reasons are varied included but not limited to – 
Being just old school traditionalist who only use copper.
They do not realise that the pressure rating is MORE than adequate for a domestic environment.
They simply do not know even how to use them.
Or they just like to have a dig and a moan.

For your information –
Push fit fittings are now very common, yet some people do distrust them.  A pushfit fitting was pressure tested on a piece of copper pipe to almost 50 bar (724 psi) before it failed. So for all the people that do not trust push fit fittings you can be certain that they can hold considerably more pressure than you would ever get in a domestic plumbing situation.
(Domestic pressure Min approximately 14 psi or 1.0 bar but can rise to about 5 or 6 bar in some places)

Benefits Of An Outside Tap

If you’re looking to have a new outside tap fitted for your garden, then you’ve come to the right place! With the recent sunshine (at the time of writing this 🙂 ) setting us in the mood for more Summery activities, we think about the things that can be achieved by having an outside tap on your home. Whether it’s watering the flowers or washing the car, there are so many things that can be done with an outside tap that just isn’t possible without it!

There are so many things that an outside tap is useful for but we can only mention a few in this article! Take a look at our short list below of some things we couldn’t do without!

  • Washing the car with a power hose attachment

  • Washing down pets after a muddy walk

  • Watering the flowers without having to refill a watering can several times over

  • Cleaning bins & other grime from things you don’t want to clean in the house

  • Cleaning bikes, scooters & other mucky items

  • Giving builders access to water without having to run a line straight from the kitchen tap (This is useful for any building work that is going on for your home)

  • Filling the paddling pool in the Summer (Limited use we know)

These are only a few to name! There are so many different uses that you may have for an outside tap. We’ve found that it’s just a nice option to have rather than having to scramble a DIY fitting on the kitchen tap which ends up spraying water everywhere.

Outside taps can be fitted to any wall that has access to a water line in your home. The most common place for an outside tap is usually outside of the kitchen window since the sink is placed behind the wall, giving access to the rising main. This gives you easy access to the tap as well as a nice high-pressure since it’s coming from the mains. If this isn’t the way your home is arranged then our plumbers can figure out other options to move forward.

British Standards state that any outdoor tap must have check valves installed. It’s the check valve that ensures that water can only flow one way which is from the mains. This is to avoid any contaminated water getting back into the main water supply, possibly tainting the rest of the water supply. Since the outside tap is close to the garden, dirt & other contaminants are able to get into hoses/piping which could return into the mains without a check valve.