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Outside tap supply and fit

One of the many jobs I get asked “Do i fit outside taps?”

The answer is YES

The next question is “How Much?”

The answer is £65 – Supplied and fitted

What i also add to my replies is –

…. I supply and fit these outside taps and plumb them into the pipework. I do not use the “kits” with a hose pipe and that screw into the pipe.
I will not use them as they are inferior to plumbing in properly.

And I can confirm that I have personal experience of the kits failing.

The screw in pipe adaptors fail along with the hose pipes which can split. FACT!
Just saying 

Using a regulation Double Check Vale all brass tap – The check valve is used to prevent a back flow of water re entering the mains system (as per Water Regs)
Includes a quick fit connector to allow for easy hose connection.


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