Outside Taps – Supply and Fit

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One of the many jobs I get asked “Do i fit outside taps?”

The answer is YES

The next question is “How Much?”

The answer is £65

What i also add to my replies is –

Just to let you know…. I supply and fit these outside taps and plumb them into the pipework. I do not use the “kits” with a hose pipe and that screw into the pipe.
I will not use them as they are inferior to plumbing in properly.

And I can confirm that I have personal experience of the kits failing.

The screw in pipe adaptors fail along with the hose pipes which can split. FACT!
Just saying 

outside tap

For more information or online booking



The best way to contact me is via my site contact form or book a slot yourself.
This way we can both keep track of what has been said and keeps all communications in one place.

John Sweet
Teamside Handyman

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