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Tameside Painting & Preserving

Whilst I am not a painter by trade I can paint to a decent standard.
I also do not charge what a qualified painter and decorator would charge.
I am glad to add that I have not had any complaints about my workmanship either.

Fence Painting & Indoor Painting 1

I am handy with a brush and also the prep work such as stripping walls and sanding of surfaces and the like. However I choose not to do wallpapering so please do not ask for that service.

If you need a a fence or shed painting/preserving then I can do that too.

I use a spray gun where possible and this gives a much better finish.
With that in mind I need access to electric.

If you need me to supply the paint or preservative thats fine but I do need to know what colour you want.
If you supply the product then let me know first so that I can be sure it is sprayable!

Below is just one of many fences I did on a very hot summer day.


Fence Painting & Indoor Painting 2

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Are you looking to have the front, or rear render of your house painted?

Look no further than Tameside Handyman.

If you have a half rendered area or a full one I can paint it for you.