Part Time Workers Required

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Are you looking for work?

As you can see from my website I am a Handyman.

I am Looking for someone to help me out on a couple of jobs. I need various skills either from one person or different people for different jobs.

This is not an offer of full time employment – but down the line who knows.

I just need you as and when and you will be paid cash.

This is open to anyone of any age or gender.

You MUST have the skills you claim.

Those who have evidence of their skills/workmanship will be given priority over those who do not.

This is probably not work for qualified professionals due to the money on offer. But feel free to apply I may be surprised.

PLEASE NOTE – Be sure of one thing, if you do come to work with me and do not act in a professional manner or do not actually have said skills I will ask you to leave the site/job immediately !

I will only accept applications via email. Use my booking page contact form for that.

In your email I need to know a minimum of  –

1. Do you have a vehicle

2.What range of skills you have.

3. Evidence (if any available) of those skill

4.What you will accept as payment either per hour or per job or per day. (this is important) 
If i do not see this I delete your email.

The skills I require at the moment are:
  1. Someone who can mask.
    I have some painting jobs coming up and I need someone who is methodical and can mask any area properly inside or outside.
  2. I need someone who can paint outdoor. You must be good on a ladder/working at height.

If you do not see anything that fits your skill set right now please keep checking back.

Plus you can also contact me with your details and providing the minimum information above and I can keep you in mind for future jobs.


Tameside Handyman


For more information or online booking



The best way to contact me is via my site contact form or book a slot yourself.
This way we can both keep track of what has been said and keeps all communications in one place.

John Sweet
Teamside Handyman

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