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As you will see throughout this site I will tell you what I can do, what I cannot do or more accurately what I choose not to do as a HandyMan.
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The word plumbing is often associated with many things. Just like electrical work this is governed by certain legal and safety implications.
As a DIYer and Handyman you and I are both restricted by what we can and cannot do. The main thing to remember is if it is Gas related I cannot help. 
However for most of your other plumbing related jobs I probably can.
So again be sure that whoever you use is permitted / certified / qualified to actually do what he/she says they are!

Just a few of the Plumbing jobs I can do for you include but not limited to…

Repairs and replacements to toilets, baths, washbasins.

So for example if you have a toilet that is not flushing or continues to fill I can help.

Do you have a bath or basin that needs new taps I can help do that also.
Same goes for your tap in the kitchen.

Maybe you want an outside tap, thats fine also.

Need anew radiator to replace an old one or just want one taking off and capping off. I can do that also.

Dishwasher needs plumbing in or perhaps a washing machine – no problem.

New stop cock needed? Do you even know where yours is!?

If in doubt just drop me an email.


Plumbing - Some examples
  • Sprung pop-up waste for bathroom wash basin - Supply & Fit £50

    Supply and Fit new sprung pop-up waste for bathroom wash basin

  • Bath Tap or Taps - Fitting £45

    Fitting Bath tap or taps as supplied by customer. Taps can be supplied at additional cost

  • Bathroom wash basin -Fitting £60

    ( Install a new wash basin in the same position, assuming that no new pipework is needed. Customer supplying own basin ) Additional charge for vanity unit fitting.

  • Dripping Tap Repair £40

    Supply and fit a pair of tap glands to standard taps (I.e stop dripping tap) Note that if you have a dripping/leaking mixer tap it is quite often cheaper to replace the whole tap. Contact for details.

  • Fit Toilet £75

    ( Install a new toilet in the same position, assuming that no new pipework is needed. Customer supplying own toilet )

  • Kitchen mixer tap - Fitting £30

    Fitting Kitchen Mixer Tap - Tap supplied by customer. Tap can be supplied by prior request and at additional cost

  • Outside tap - Supply & Fit £65

    Supply and fit outside tap Please note I do not use hose pipe kits to do this. I plumb your tap into the cold water feed.(or Hot if you really want)

  • Pop up Bath Waste - Supply & Fit £40

    Supply and fit a pop up bath waste

  • Radiator - Fitting £80

    Fitting a like for like radiator (does not include disposing of old radiator - This can be arranged at £10 per rad) I can supply the radiators and also quote accordingly for additional work such as moving a radiator)

  • Reseal a bath (removal of old silicon and reseal) £50

    Reseal a bath (removal of old silicon and reseal) (this is time consuming as removal of old silicone takes time)

  • Toilet bottom inlet fill valve - Supply and fit £45

    Supply and fit bottom inlet fill valve for toilet

  • Toilet flush syphon - supply & fit £55

    Supply and fit Toilet flush syphon

  • SureStop - Stopcock replacement £90

    What is Surestop? Surestop is an easy to use alternative to the traditional brass stopcock, which allows you to turn off your mains water supply at the flick of a switch in case of an emergency

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