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Tameside Power Washing 
with power all things become clean

Power washing – also known as Jet washing and Pressure washing.

Call it what you want… I do it.

All the photos are my work and are just a tiny selection of the jobs I have undertaken for customers.

Driveways, Patios, Decking, Garden Paths, Walls, Car Parks, Forecourts, Shop Fronts, Play Areas, Eating Areas, Waste and Refuse Areas, Storage Yards, Furniture …. and more Covering Tameside and surrounding areas such as Ashton, Denton, Stalybridge, Hyde, Mossley, Oldham, Glossop


A Before photo

As you can see this was left a long time before even being cleaned. 
Dirty and faded and who knows what its original colour was.

Power Washing 1
Power Washing 2

An After Photo

After I power washed with professional cleaning equipment It rejuvenated this paving.

This is one of the things I do best …. Clean !

As you can see from the picture above this was a very long decking area. It was situated under trees – A LOT of trees. This meant that there was a lot of sap and other debris constantly falling on the decking causing some very dark and sticky areas indeed.

I can also provide a decking sealing solution after it has been cleaned.

Using the latest advances in chemical technology the amazing product is a high performance penetrating sealer with the added bonus of improving foot traction to provide a safer grip on wet decking and floors. It will also assist in preserving the life of your timber decking. Besides being used for timber decking, it can be used to seal and protect virtually any porous bare or uncoated timber such as fences, sheds, pergolas etc., greatly increasing their life expectancy.







Before Cleaning
After Cleaning

IMPORTANT INFORMATION  Please Read Before Enquiring About Power Washing Jobs. Use it as your checklist.!


  1. OUTSIDE TAP – Do you have an outside tap? – I Cannot do it without one. I can however supply and fit an outside tap for £65. This is subject to an assessment to ensure I can install and properly plumb in.
  2. WATER METER – Are you on a water meter? – My washer uses a lot of water so need to warn you in advance. On this point you may find that my Soft Wash service is better suited to you.
  3. ACCESS – My machine is quite big and needs access from either the rear or down a side passage if you having the back of your house done. I cannot and will not bring it through your house.
  4. GOOD BUT – POWER WASHING is great for a good clean up but no matter how good, how big, how powerful or how expensive the machine it cannot remove certain things. Such as Mold, Algae & Fungal Growth, Lichen, Black Spots & many more Organic Stains!
    These are IN the stone or brickwork and require a special cleaning solution to remove and reduce further growth.
    For this you will need my SOFT WASH option.
  5. LOOSE & FLAKY – If you are having a decking, a fence or other painted/treated surface done and the existing paint/treatment is old, loose, flaky it will quite probably take more off.
  6. NEIGHBOURS – Please advise your neighbours in advance. It maybe that there are cars parked nearby or washing on a line and there is inevitably some over-spray.
  7. SANDING & Oiling – If booking a Clean & Sand or Oil in the case of decking – I cannot sand/oil on the same day due to the paving/decking being far too wet.
    I would return on the next dry day that fits in with my schedule.
    Also please note that because of the two parts to the clean & sand/oil you will be required to pay 50% on completion of the clean and the remaining 50% on completion of the sanding.
  8. MINIMUM PRICE – There is a minimum price for any power washing job. I have to do this to cover all my expenses. 
    This is £60
  9. QUESTIONS – If you have ANY questions please ask!
power washing tameside

The Power Behind The Clean

Power Washing 3
Power Washing 4

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Not Just Power Washing

I also have a long list of very pleased customers who I have treated their decking and fencing and sheds etc. Don’t delay – Book Today! If You have any question, feel free to visit the FAQs page where you will find a list of Frequently Asked Questions..

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