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How old are your radiators…


Older type radiator

Well that is just one of the questions I have for you also some info you may have not thought about.

Another question is when did you last clean out your radiators?

When was the last time you had fresh inhibitor added to your system?

These are just a few questions that you may want to ask yourself.

Glad you asked.

Well if your radiators are old… 15 years or more… you may want to consider changing and upgrading them.
I have been out to quite a few customers this year where there radiators are splitting at the seams.
This can happen any time and is generally down to a combination of age and condition.

When did you last put inhibitor into your system?
Possibly never or not since they were installed.

What is inhibitor?
Simply put, this is a liquid that flows round your system and helps significantly reduce the damage caused to the inside of your radiators by rust among other things.

A central heating inhibitor can help to prolong the life of your central heating system by protecting your heating system against sludge build-up, scale and corrosion. A system that is not protected and regularly serviced is likely to be much less efficient and is more likely to suffer from costly repairs. An inhibitor works by preventing metal from rusting, by adding a protective coating.

Start changing your radiators now…

You may want to start looking to upgrade to the latest radiators one at a time before you end up having to replace all of them at significant cost. Which is exact;y what I had to do for a customer.

The new radiators are great to look at and the heat output is significantly higher than old ones of the same/similar size.

I can supply and fit your new radiators and while we are at it add some protection with inhibitor.

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