Tameside Handyman Services

Render Painting

Why not refresh and revitalise your render paintwork

Render Painting at a fixed price

Are you looking to have the front, or rear render of your house painted?

Look no further than Tameside Handyman.

If you have a half rendered area or a full one I can paint it for you.

Subject to access of course.
It is always best to send me a photo before booking so that I can see of there is anything that may be an issue.


Render Painting 1
render painting
render painting
After - Close Up

How often should you paint render?

It maybe that you just want to change the colour.

Do you need to seal render before painting?

Render Painting 2
Render Painting 3
Render Painting 4
Render Painting 5

A Few thnings to note;

Please bear in mind that I cannot paint in wet or even damp conditions.
At best it will just not adhere properly at worst it will wash off as I am doing it.
So long as we have access we can paint even if you are not there.

I supply the paint in the price and I ONLY use Sandtex masonry paint.
If the colour you want is not in the range supplied by Sandtex I will not be able to help.

The price below is for one half front or rear.
Or a full front  or rear. 

It is for two coats only!
Where at all possible the second coat will be done on the same day.

This is to paint only the render.
It does not include any other areas.
If other areas require painting this must be discussed and agreed well in advance.

We must have photos of the area you require painting.
If necessary we may also need to assess on site before agreeing. 



half Mid/end Terrace
front or rear


full mid/end terrace
front or rear