Repairing and Replacing Taps…

Problems with old taps can occur so slowly that you don’t notice it happening until a problem is severe. In these cases, it is often necessary to replace a tap that may have been repairable if attended to earlier. If you are having trouble with your taps or are just ready for a new look in your kitchen or bath, call your Tameside Handyman for quick, affordable service.

Repairing and Replacing Taps... 1

As an expert in tap repair and replacement, the Tameside Handyman will find the source of your problem and determine a solution. Whether you need a repair or a new tap installed, he will have your problem sorted professionally and promptly.

Call your Tameside Handyman if you experience any of these issues with your taps.

  • Dripping
  • Low water pressure
  • Poor water flow
  • Leaks around the taps

You may also want to have your taps replaced in these situations.

  • You want a new style
  • To install a low flow tap
  • Coordinate finish with interior design
  • Update and upgrade your taps
  • Install handicap friendly taps


Also if you are on a water meter just think how much a leaking/dripping tap could be costing you right now !!! £££

If you would like a quote for tap repair or replacement – or you simply have questions about your taps – call the Tameside Handyman today.

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