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Why You Need to Have Moss Removed, and Quickly!

Moss is one of the perennial problems that householders experience, yet many do not realise the problems it can cause. Left unattended, moss on a roof – where you are most likely to find it growing – can cause genuine, expensive damage, so it is necessary to get rid of it when you first see it beginning to take hold.

What problems can moss cause, and how do you get rid of it? Let’s have a look at the first question, and then we’ll talk about the best ways to remove moss from your roof.

The Problems Caused By Moss

Moss grows very easily, and very quickly, and likes roof tiles as they offer the perfect position for it to thrive. If you have ever handled or stood on moss, you will know it has a ‘spongy’ feel. Moss easily absorbs water – it is designed to do so in order that it can grow quickly and readily – so if you have it on your roof, the tiles underneath will be permanently wet.

This is the first problem associated with moss; wet roof tiles mean the damp will undoubtedly seep into the areas underneath. If the damp gets onto the wooden elements of your roof construction, they will certainly rot if it is not attended to, so you need to have that checked carefully or you may be in for some very expensive repairs.

With the traditional pitched roof, the purpose is largely so that rain water runs away into the guttering. If moss is in its path, the water may pool or be absorbed into the moss, exaggerating the above problem. Also, moss has a habit of falling into and blocking drains and gutters, which can also lead to expensive removal and repairs.

So, we’ve seen the problems that moss can cause, how do you go about removing it?

Getting Rid of Moss

First, what you need to do if you see moss taking a hold on your roof – or anywhere else – is get rid of it as quickly as possible. It does grow fast, and will soon settle into its chosen place. If you can reach, you can gently scrape or brush away the moss, but be careful if you have to walk on your roof.

You can also buy moss killing chemicals that do work, but they can contaminate the ground water if they are flushed down the drain, and may also kill other plants they come into contact with.

The best idea is to get in touch with me. I will clean the area using the right equipment – if that is what is required – and will have a close look at the situation to get a good idea of the best way of removing your troublesome moss.

It pays to get the me in, and it could mean the difference between paying to have moss removed, and paying for expensive repairs to the roof and your home.


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