SuperFOIL Radpack Radiator Insulation

SuperFOIL Radpacks: Your Smart Solution for Lower Energy Bills and a Warmer Home this Winter

For households seeking efficient, cost-effective, and eco-friendly ways to slash energy consumption, SuperFOIL Radpacks—radiator reflector foils—are the ultimate solution.

As the winter chill sets in, the battle to keep homes warm while curbing energy expenses and environmental impact intensifies. While conventional methods like sealing windows, draft-proofing, and upgrading glazing are common, the pinnacle of energy savings lies in maximising resource efficiency through smart, low-carbon solutions.

Don’t miss out – purchase yours now and transform the way you heat your home!

super foil radiator insulation


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I personally have it fitted behind all my new radiators. STOP heating the wall and loosing heat to the outside! Buy it and Fit it yourself or I can supply & fit as part of my radiator supply & fit service.

SuperFOIL Radpack Radiator Insulation - FAQs

SuperFOIL Radpacks, also known as ‘radiator heat reflectors,’ consist of a thin sheet of bubble foil reflective material placed behind a radiator. The highly reflective silver foil possesses radiant barrier membrane properties, effectively bouncing heat back into the room. This simple addition ensures quicker heating and a cosier environment even at lower thermostat settings.

Yes! Approximately 40% of a radiator’s heat is lost to the wall behind it, resulting in 40% more energy consumption for room heating. SuperFOIL Radpacks reflect a staggering 95% of radiator heat back into the room, preventing heat loss through walls. Crafted from up to 40% recycled materials, a single sheet covers 0.6m x 5m—enough for up to 5 radiators!

One SuperFOIL Radpack can effectively insulate up to 3 average-sized radiators or around 5 smaller radiators, making it a versatile and efficient solution for various heating setups.
Installation is a breeze! With our three-step process, simply cut the Radpack to size, slide it behind the radiator, and use the self-adhesive pad to secure it to the wall. Effortless and effective.

No heavy lifting required! SuperFOIL Radpack is designed with simplicity in mind and can be easily installed by sliding it down the back of the radiator, ensuring a hassle-free process without the need to remove the radiator from the wall.

SuperFOIL Radpack can be installed in less time than it takes to make a cuppa! The straightforward three-step process ensures a quick and efficient installation, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of enhanced radiator efficiency without a significant time investment.
If you have radiators on poorly insulated external walls, SuperFOIL Radpacks are your go-to for reducing heat loss and cutting energy bills. While beneficial for well-insulated walls, their impact will be less pronounced.
Tin foil can help to some extent, but homemade foil reflectors lose effectiveness due to crinkling and oxidization. For a sustainable, durable, and long-lasting solution, Radpacks excel. Their cutting-edge design integrates thermal insulation and a reflective radiant barrier membrane to maintain 95% heat retention.
As soon as you install SuperFOIL Radpack, it will be hard at work reflecting heat back into your room any time your radiators are on. You can expect to see a noticeable difference in energy efficiency and reduced energy bills shortly after installation, contributing to a more cost-effective and sustainable heating solution.
Shop the SuperFOIL Radpack Radiator Insulation Reflective Foil (0.6m x 5m) for enhanced radiator efficiency and straightforward installation. Join our sustainability efforts with this eco-friendly solution made from up to 40% recycled materials. Our SuperFOIL products comply with UK and EU regulations, ensuring a reliable investment in your home’s energy efficiency.

Effortless Installation in 3 Simple Steps!

With our user-friendly solution, you get cutting-edge thermal insulation that reduces heat loss from your radiators by an impressive 95%. Say hello to the future of home comfort!

Insulate up to 5 Radiators

Effortlessly insulate up to 5 radiators and achieve optimal energy efficiency and enhanced heat retention with SuperFOIL Radpack. Enjoy the benefits of cost-effective heating without compromising on comfort.

Enhance Energy Efficiency

Step into the realm of efficiency with SuperFOIL, boasting a remarkable 95% reduction in heat loss. Bid farewell to wasted energy and high bills as you fortify your space for optimal comfort using SuperFOIL's innovative design. It's not just insulation; it's an upgrade for your living space!

Your Key to Lowering Energy Costs!

Embark on a game-changing journey to save energy. Imagine staying warm in winter while simultaneously slashing your energy bills. This innovative approach allows you to control comfort and budget all year round. Keep the heat precisely where you want it – maximize performance, minimize costs with SuperFOIL Radpack.

Step by Step Install Guide by SuperFOIL Insulation

Take a step towards energy efficiency and enjoy a cosier, cost-effective living space. Join countless satisfied customers who have made the smart choice for their homes. Act now and start saving on energy bills!

Grab Yours and Revolutionise Your Home’s Heat!

Kitchen Tap 11 – Specification
AeratorReplaceable Aerator
Connection TypeCompression
Control TypeDouble Lever Control
Gravity Fed SystemsSuitable for Gravity-Fed Systems
Height To Spout216 mm
Hose Bore Size6 mm
Hose Diameter10 mm
Hose Length360 mm
Hose SuppliedSupplied with Flexible Tap Connector
Manufacturer Guarantee10 Year Manufacturer’s Guarantee (T&Cs Apply)
Maximum Bar Pressure5 bar
Minimum Bar Pressure0.1 bar
Model No33A
Mount TypeDeck-Mounted
Pack Size1
Parent ColourChrome
Pieces in Pack/Case1
Pressure SuitabilitySuitable for High & Low Pressure Systems
Product Depth229 mm
Product Height327 mm
Product TypeDual-Lever Mono Mixer Kitchen Tap
Product Width140 mm
Spout Reach193 mm
Spout TypeSwivel Spout
Tap Handle Type (Kitchens)Dual Lever
Tap StyleMono Mixer
Valve Type1/4 Turn