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Our radiators are an essential part of our homes, but many of us wait too long to invest in upgrades. Why will upgraded radiators benefit you long-term?

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As a homeowner, one of the most common issues you likely run into will be high energy bills. Heating our homes is an expense that, especially at the moment, can be impossible to meet. The rising cost of living naturally has many people focused on the problems they have with meeting their bills and paying for the utilities they need. This, of course, includes your heating. Especially as the infamous British winter hits, our radiators find themselves busier than ever. This keeps us warm, but at an increasingly large cost.

Yet, for all of the energy rises that you can do nothing about, you can find ways to reduce your energy costs in the long-term. Ask yourself one question: when did you last change your radiators?

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Get in touch today, and let me show you what I can do to get your radiators working as good as new. It does not take much to get radiators working to the expected standard, but they must be fitted by an experienced professional. Let me help you get your upgraded radiators fitted, installed, and heating-up your home ASAP!

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Having new radiators fitted can bring prolonged savings into your home for years to come. It can also make heating your home quicker, easier, and simpler than ever. Wondering why you should get a new radiator? Consider the following reasons.

Few investments you make in your home can recoup the return on investment (ROI) that you get with radiators. Why? Because they make much better use of the energy you apply to run them. This means that the heaters use energy much more efficiently, saving you money by making sure you spend less to get more. Your current radiators could be costing you far more money than they should to run due to inefficiencies and age.

New radiators pay for themselves over the cost of their lifespan simply by keeping your energy bills down. And with the current cost of energy, every little helps on this front!

With older radiators you are relying on an external thermostat to get the price right. This often means your home is approximately as warm as you want it; sometimes more, sometimes less. With more modern radiators, though, they tend to have a thermostatic fitting that allows you to get the heat and room temperature stop on.

If you are someone who finds one degree too much or too little turns a comfortable temperature into an unbearable one, this can be very useful!

By the way, if you have a faulty valve or indeed no valve at all and need one fitting to an existing radiator, I provide this is service also.

You could spend hundreds of pounds on radiator covers just to try and disguise the fitting you have at the moment. Is this recommended? No. Instead, invest that same money into new looking radiators and get a look and style that you feel accurately fits with how you want your home to look. This makes your property look more modern, and avoids your radiators from sticking out like a sore thumb.
Over the years, your heating systems will become full of ‘sludge’ that can make them less effective and reliable. This can be removed from the heating system using a flushing technique, but it can be highly expensive, time-consuming, and is not always guaranteed to clean the gunge out of the system. By having new radiators fitted, though, you can make sure you are not dealing with this sludge build-up that impacts performance negatively.
Utilities and appliances play a massive role in running a home, and it makes even more of an impact on selling. Little things like having new radiators fitted, with proof of purchase in the last few years, can entice a buyer. Things like swapping out new radiators are costs that a home buyer will look to factor in to the price they can offer for your home. With better radiators fitted, it is another problem they can avoid and another boon to help get your home sold.

The last benefit of having newly upgraded radiators is peace of mind. You know that your radiators are now going to last for over a decade without having to be replaced. When cared for properly, that could even stretch to two decades (see below)!

That peace of mind is not something you should disregard lightly.

The timeline depends on the condition and quality of what has been fitted. Generally, though, my insight would be a period of around fifteen to twenty years. If you change your radiators on this kind of timeline, you should get another 15-20 years of service before they need to be replaced. Each year, too, you should make sure that you have your heating system serviced and your radiators looked over.

No, I do not do any type of waste removal.

That includes removing packaging from your supply and fit installs. Such as radiators and taps etc.

I respectfully request that you dispose of such packaging, old taps and radiators in responsible manner.

Did you know?...

There are different types of radiator.

So obviously radiators come in different sizes. By that I mean height and length. But did you know they also come in different widths/depths?

The modern radiator has 3 general “types” Type 11, type 21 and type 22

Basically, type 22 is the deepest of the 3 types. It has more fins and has a higher heat output than the type 11 and 21.

SO each of these has their place. One type may be suited to one size of room, where another may be more suited to a different size of room. A big type 22 would look out of place in a very small room. Plus it would probably give out way too much heat for your requirements. Similarly, a type 11 in a very big room may never get that room to temperature, or if it did it would take a long time.

Another very important factor that determines which to choose is your pipework.
The centre point on the type 22 is in a different place to the other two types.
Therefore it might mean your current plumbing does not suite or you may need to have your pipes adjusted (if they can be) adding to the time, cost and inconvenience and possible mess/damage to surrounding plaster etc

So when buying be mindful of this. Or if I am doing a supply and fit I can advise on the most suitable type.

type 11 radiator

Type 11 Radiator

type 21 radiator

Type 21 Radiator

type 22 radiator

Type 22 Radiator

Radiator Bleeding

You may have heard that you should bleed your radiators but do you know what that actually means or why it is important to perform this task?

Sometimes, for various reasons your radiators can get air in them.

This is nothing to worry about unless of course it is happening on a regular basis. That said, when you do get air in the system it is best to remove it as soon as possible.

Having air in the heating system can make it much harder for your boiler to function at its best and likewise your radiators will need to be on longer. It is inefficient and can mean you are paying more to heat your home. Not to mention the extra strain on your boiler which could lead to damage.

So if you take a radiator bleed key and go round each of your radiator periodically you can bleed the air from them yourself. Don’t forget, if any air does come out you need to top up your boiler with water to compensate for where the air was and where there should be water.

Alternatively you can fit “Autovents”

Towel Radiator Installation with Autovent

Here is a photo of a towel radiator I supplied and fitted.

The customer chose to include an Autovent.

This will help keep air out of the system for best performance.

handyman towel radiator Radiator Supply,Radiator Supply & Fit
handyman towel radiator autovent Radiator Supply,Radiator Supply & Fit

Handyman Services

Many of my customers also opt for one of my other services at the same time. 

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As the winter chill sets in, the battle to keep homes warm while curbing energy expenses and environmental impact intensifies. While conventional methods like sealing windows, draft-proofing, and upgrading glazing are common, the pinnacle of energy savings lies in maximising resource efficiency through smart, low-carbon solutions.

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Kitchen Tap 11 – Specification
AeratorReplaceable Aerator
Connection TypeCompression
Control TypeDouble Lever Control
Gravity Fed SystemsSuitable for Gravity-Fed Systems
Height To Spout216 mm
Hose Bore Size6 mm
Hose Diameter10 mm
Hose Length360 mm
Hose SuppliedSupplied with Flexible Tap Connector
Manufacturer Guarantee10 Year Manufacturer’s Guarantee (T&Cs Apply)
Maximum Bar Pressure5 bar
Minimum Bar Pressure0.1 bar
Model No33A
Mount TypeDeck-Mounted
Pack Size1
Parent ColourChrome
Pieces in Pack/Case1
Pressure SuitabilitySuitable for High & Low Pressure Systems
Product Depth229 mm
Product Height327 mm
Product TypeDual-Lever Mono Mixer Kitchen Tap
Product Width140 mm
Spout Reach193 mm
Spout TypeSwivel Spout
Tap Handle Type (Kitchens)Dual Lever
Tap StyleMono Mixer
Valve Type1/4 Turn