What is an Autovent? 

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Ok so this is a job we don’t do often enough

– In fact maybe never.

Read below for more on BLEEDING RADS and also to learn more about AUTOVENTS – The hands free method to auto bleed your rads 24/7.

Bleeding your radiators is an essential maintenance task that often gets overlooked. It involves releasing any trapped air from the radiator system, ensuring that it operates efficiently and effectively.

One of the main reasons why it’s important to bleed your radiators is to improve their overall performance. When air becomes trapped within the radiator, it creates pockets of cold spots, preventing the heat from circulating evenly throughout the room. By bleeding your radiators, you allow hot water to flow freely and distribute heat more effectively, resulting in a warmer and more comfortable living space.

Another reason to bleed your radiators is to increase energy efficiency. When air accumulates in the system, it forces your boiler to work harder in order to provide sufficient warmth. This can lead to higher energy consumption and increased heating bills. By bleeding your radiators regularly, you can ensure that they are operating optimally and minimize unnecessary energy wastage.

Bleeding your radiators also helps identify potential issues within the system. If you notice that some radiators are not heating up as expected even after bleeding them, this may indicate a more significant problem such as a blockage or a faulty valve. Identifying these issues early on allows for timely repairs or maintenance, preventing further damage or costly repairs down the line.

In summary, bleeding your radiators is crucial for maintaining optimum performance, improving energy efficiency, and identifying potential issues within your heating system. By incorporating this simple yet important task into your regular maintenance routine, you can ensure a comfortable living environment while saving on energy costs in the long run.

Its time to talk RADIATORS

Radiators with air in cost more to run and take longer to heat the room. Fitting self venting Aladdin Autovents ensures your radiators stay hot to the top! You can fit them yourself or I can provide this service on a supply and fit booking.

Save energy by automatically bleeding radiators with Aladdin Autovents

Aladdin Autovent

An easy way you can save up to 10% on your energy bills is to keep them hot to the top - no cold spots.

The Aladdin Autovent does this for you automatically – plus they are guaranteed for 5 years!

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Kitchen Tap 11 – Specification
AeratorReplaceable Aerator
Connection TypeCompression
Control TypeDouble Lever Control
Gravity Fed SystemsSuitable for Gravity-Fed Systems
Height To Spout216 mm
Hose Bore Size6 mm
Hose Diameter10 mm
Hose Length360 mm
Hose SuppliedSupplied with Flexible Tap Connector
Manufacturer Guarantee10 Year Manufacturer’s Guarantee (T&Cs Apply)
Maximum Bar Pressure5 bar
Minimum Bar Pressure0.1 bar
Model No33A
Mount TypeDeck-Mounted
Pack Size1
Parent ColourChrome
Pieces in Pack/Case1
Pressure SuitabilitySuitable for High & Low Pressure Systems
Product Depth229 mm
Product Height327 mm
Product TypeDual-Lever Mono Mixer Kitchen Tap
Product Width140 mm
Spout Reach193 mm
Spout TypeSwivel Spout
Tap Handle Type (Kitchens)Dual Lever
Tap StyleMono Mixer
Valve Type1/4 Turn