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Tameside Handyman offers Tap Replacement & Installation
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Kitchen & Bathroom Taps - Supply & Fit

This is one of my popular services booked by many of my customers.

If you have an old, broken, dripping or leaking tap I can provide a supply and fit service for you.

Just choose below from the type of tap you are looking for – Kitchen or Bathroom – and have a look at a selection of taps.

If you do not see a tap you like just ask me OR you can provide the tap and I will provide the fitting service.

A word about TAP REPAIR

Unfortunately I no longer “repair” dripping taps, I only FIT or Supply & Fit as indicated above.
There are several reasons for this, but mainly because I was finding that around 50% of them could either not be repaired or that they required something other than a universal cartridge. However, I can do a supply and fit on a new tap or you can supply and I can provide a fitting service.

You can view the taps available below. If you do not see anything you like just let me know and will see what I can do.

Kitchen Taps

Bathroom Taps

New Tap - FAQs

No, I do not do any type of waste removal.

That includes removing packaging from your supply and fit installs. Such as radiators and taps etc.

I respectfully request that you dispose of such packaging, old taps and radiators in responsible manner.

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