Toilet Repair

Toilet Repair – Fix my toilet flush and fill. Problems with Leaking toilet, not filling properly, not flushing properly I can repair and I can even replace your toilet

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Toilet Repair

So there are not too many parts to a toilet to be honest. Toilet Repair is usually straightforward – but not always!

But because it is a toilet, something we all rely on, it is vital to keep it working.

When something does go wrong you need to get it fixed as soon as possible.

Let’s start by identifying a couple of these parts.

toilet fill valve

Also known as an inlet valve. This may look different on your toilet. You may have a the older type with a ball and arm.

Toilet Flush Valve

Now this is also know as a flush syphon. Depending on the type of toilet you have you may find this looks different. This is a push button type but there are those that have handles.

How to identify common faults with a toilet

Do you have an issue with your toilet and want to book a repair but you just do not know which service to book?

This short video will help you understand and identify some of the parts and common problems associated with a faulty toilet. This is by no means written in stone when it comes to correctly identifying the problem however in many cases it does work well as a rule of thumb.

Tameside Handyman's Professional Approach to Push Button Cistern Repairs

Here's an example of a "push button" type toilet cistern, which I captured in a photo after replacing the flush valve and fill valve.

In many cases, I also replace the seal between the cistern and bowl, along with the plate (if applicable) and connecting bolts.

You can find the fixed price for these services on our booking page.

Does your toilet have a handle?

Then you will almost certainly have an older type of flush and fill valves. The older ones have a siphon-type flush and a ballcock-type fill. Both of these are more likely to have issues and fail.

Lets modernise.

Now there are replacements for these and it may be that there is no alternative but to have to fit the same, or similar type of valves.
However, where possible as in the case of the example shown from one of my jobs, I may be able to fit a more modern alternative.

Get a grip.

You will have to compromise though. Along with the old valves will also go the old type handle. To be replaced with a smaller one. But gone will be the forced pushing to get a flush and also the wonky handle.
toilet handle service handyman tameside Toilet Repair
toilet before handyman tameside Toilet Repair toilet after handyman tameside Toilet Repair

Get in touch today, to get your toilet repaired

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Toilet Repair - FAQs

The inlet or fill valve in your toilet cistern is the special mechanism that enables the water to flow freely into the tank. This ensures that your toilet will be able to flush next time you need to clear it. Over time though, these valves wear out and eventually when they breakdown you will have to hire an experienced person to repair the damage.

To help you spot when your toilet has a faulty inlet or fill valve, look out for the following three signs and deal with it as quickly as possible.

If you find that after flushing, your toilet is taking an awfully long time to refill, this can be very frustrating. Moreover, it could be a sign that your fill valve is blocked, and water is having trouble flowing through it. Rather than rushing to buy a new one, check if there is an easy to remove blockage down there first. If you are still having trouble shifting the blockage and don’t feel confident dealing with it yourself, speak to a local and reputable handyman or plumber.
When the flush for your toilet is either not working at all or is weaker than it usually is, even with the handle/button pressed all the way down, it could be that the cistern (water tank) in your toilet system is not being refilled properly. It could also mean that the float shut-off has been set far too low, so, if you’re confident about doing it, try bending your toilet’s float arm in an upwards direction to see if it is that or the fill valve causing the problem. In the end, if it’s not the float shut-off, it is probably likely that your fill valve is either blocked or damaged and not allowing any water to pass through it.

If you find that your toilet is constantly running, this is one of the most common signs that the fill valve is not working properly. However, it is not the only cause of a toilet that’s running constantly, so it’s best to rule out the other causes first, before taking any further action. Start by looking inside the water tank. If you see that water is constantly running over the fill valve and through the overflow hole, your float may not be set properly. If you have the type of float that is on a metal arm try to bend the float arm downwards to make sure the float triggers the water shut-off lower. If the toilet stops running constantly, then there’s nothing wrong with the fill valve.

However it maybe that you have a different type of float, and the most modern and usual type. If this is the case you cannot just bend a rod. You would need to make an adjustment on the inlet valve.

Generally speaking inlet valves have a rough lifespan of about 7yrs.

Using any kind of cleaning blocks on the cistern (water tank) will reduce this time considerably, and as such is not recommended.

Use cleaning products and blocks in the main toilet bowl only.

This one is easier to identify.

If your toilet is not flushing it is (most likely) quite simply your flush valve has broken.

Sure there may be other issues leading up to this but the biggest is its just breaks.

Such the button, the handle, the plastic mechanism.

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Kitchen Tap 11 – Specification
AeratorReplaceable Aerator
Connection TypeCompression
Control TypeDouble Lever Control
Gravity Fed SystemsSuitable for Gravity-Fed Systems
Height To Spout216 mm
Hose Bore Size6 mm
Hose Diameter10 mm
Hose Length360 mm
Hose SuppliedSupplied with Flexible Tap Connector
Manufacturer Guarantee10 Year Manufacturer’s Guarantee (T&Cs Apply)
Maximum Bar Pressure5 bar
Minimum Bar Pressure0.1 bar
Model No33A
Mount TypeDeck-Mounted
Pack Size1
Parent ColourChrome
Pieces in Pack/Case1
Pressure SuitabilitySuitable for High & Low Pressure Systems
Product Depth229 mm
Product Height327 mm
Product TypeDual-Lever Mono Mixer Kitchen Tap
Product Width140 mm
Spout Reach193 mm
Spout TypeSwivel Spout
Tap Handle Type (Kitchens)Dual Lever
Tap StyleMono Mixer
Valve Type1/4 Turn