Soft Wash Cleaning Services

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Effectively Cleans Most Exterior Surfaces Fast!

New Service & product that is unlocking the way we clean our homes and businesses in just minutes throughout the UK.

Brick & Block Paving

Driveways, Patios & walls.

Natural Stone, Indian Stone, Limestone, Slate

Walls, K Rend, facings, flags and ornamental stone.

Tarmac & Concrete

All surfaces including paths, paving & driveways.

Artificial Stone

All moulded and synthetic stone surfaces.

Roof tiles & Slates

All roofing tiles, slates & chimney pots.

Canopies & Shelters

Perspex & metal Shelters.

Ornamental Ceramics

Enhance your ornamental ceramics and decorate figurines.

Plastic, Wood & Metal

Garden furniture & Slides etc.

Fencing & Decking

Garden fences, Sheds & decking areas

LET ME Do Your Spring Clean Up In Minutes This Year!

NO Need To Jet Wash – Although if the surface is particularly dirty we strongly advise to power wash first!
Then treat with a soft wash biocide to eliminate the organic growth that produces the black spots.

Not only that but the clean  will last much longer.
Also, if it is treated regularly with a softwash then power washing can be almost unnecessary in future.

Add A Little Sparkle Back Into Your Garden – You Won’t Be Disappointed

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Soft Cleaning Targets & Cleans

Dirt, Grime & Mold, Algae & Fungal Growth, Black Spots & many more Organic Stains! SOFT WASHING cleans without mess or damage associated with power/jet washing, like surface abrasion or stripping of protective coatings. It is even safe to use on wood and decking without destroying varnish or sealants.

Works FAST!

We Apply the solution, leave for 5 -10 minutes, rinse and you’re done! No need to jet wash, simply rinse with a standard garden hose. There’s no need to apply any brute force or scrubbing. It does all the work for you!

May require initial power wash dependant upon conditions.
Also may require two treatments of soft wash also dependant upon conditions.

This only applies to first clean.

All future cleans should then only require a single maintenance soft wash.

Why Use SOFT WASHING method

  • No damage or mess, unlike aggressive jet washing.
  • Fast results, 10 times faster than jet washing.
  • No need to re-sand paving, its gentle.
  • Cleaner for longer,  eliminates growth of organic stains.
  • Eliminates slippery walking areas.
  • Unique spray on application method, environmentally friendly.

Soft Washing does not need brute force to work, unlike jet washing. Pressure washing may look good for a while but the underlying causes of the stains will soon return.  Uses smart agents to neutralise the fungal and algae growth keeping your hard surfaces brighter and cleaner for longer.

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Words from clients

What they say?

The results from Soft Washing are often described as miraculous. The best testimony is from those that have experienced it for themselves.