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Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions, answered.

It’s too good to be true! Yes, we get this all the time. Because of the miraculous results Soft Washing Cleaner can provide, there are many disbelievers.

We are actually proud of this fact and happy to answer your questions. Many of the popular ones we have been asked are here for your convenience. If you have a question that’s not covered here please feel free to get in touch and we’ll be happy to answer it for you.

Some of our customers take it upon themselves to educate others on our behalf.  🙂

Is Soft Washing safe around grass, plants and animals?

In it’s neatest form, Monty does have a job to do, this can range from either a light clean to 20 years worth of infection and dirt so, it is pretty powerful in order to do the job.
I can tell you tough, if you sprayed anything from Monty to milk on your lawn or plants, it would do some harm as both have de-oxidants in them.
The way we combat this is to water everything first, this way the grass and plants drink up the water and their nodules close during the application of Monty Solution.
If flowerbeds or grass butts up to the surface you’re cleaning, we spray the Monty Solution about 30cms from the edge and sweep the rest up to meet the grass etc, whilst Monty is a liquid, it does behave an tends to stay in the exact area you it.
Once the Monty Solution hits the surface you’d like to clean, and starts to meet with the organic growth you’re trying to remove, it starts to neutralize itself and within the 10 minutes, is completely biodegradable.
This means you can hose off onto grass and plants and it will have no ill effects, at this stage, leaves no footprint on the environment…..
We’d then do a final water just as a precaution to keep everything happy.
We also ask that pets are kept inside whilst your Monty Solution is on the ground, you wouldn’t want the dog running through it and then jumping on the sofa as it will damage material. Once you’ve hosed off thoroughly though, everyone is welcome outside again, even before the surface dries.

I have black spots on my Indian Stone, will it work?

Yes absolutely, Monty will work on your indian Stone like a dream, you can expect an 85 – 90 % improvement. If there are the odd black spots left behind, give it a week or two to fade away, you’ve eliminated them at the root and for the ones bedded in over a long time, it may take a little while for them to fade away.

Is Soft Washing Cleaner an acid?

No, the product is not an acid, it’s an alkaline, this means that it’s safe to use on the most delicate external surfaces including Indian Sandstone or Limestone with no ill effects.

Is Soft Wash environmentally friendly?

Yep, it sure is, as we apply your Soft Wash, it is starting to react with organic growth in order to do it’s job but, after 10 minutes, Soft Washing has completely neutralised and is 100% environmentally friendly, this means it can be hosed off onto the grass or into bedding plants, just follow the instructions in your order for the best results.

I have a large area to clean, how can it be done all in ten minutes?

To get the very best even, uniform clean, if your area is large then we do sections at a time. In other words, if you have 100 square meters, we’ll do it in quarters, 25 square meters at a time instead of, this way, each area gets the best clean and, you can take your time.

What if I leave the cleaner on the ground too long, will I damage the surface?

Please don’t worry, you can’t do any damage if you leave the solution on to long, it has naturalised itself and has finished reacting with the organic growth it’s cleaning, you can take your time to hose it off without any worries 🙂

There is a Black Spot Remover on the market for around £70.00 and it does quarter the distance Monty does, why is your Cleaner cheaper, is it not as good?

We were very conscious to keep the the price of Monty affordable to almost everyone and, whilst not the cheapest on the market, we’re most certainly not the most expensive. Without compromising on the best ingredients either and, made in the UK!

We can only go on what our customers feedback is, and we’ve had lots of it, our customers tell us that Monty works just as good if not better than the more expensive products out there and, goes four times further!

I jetwash my patio every year so why are there still Black Spots and why do they seem to be getting worse?

Sadly jet washing will never get rid of your Black Spots, Reason? They are a living infection, when you come along and jet wash them, you’ve really only watered them and they love the challenge of gripping on and bedding down further. No sooner have you packed away, they start to reappear. Monty will seek them out and nip them off at the root, we’re not allowed to say “Kill” so we’ve eliminated them. You’ll notice they start to lighten in colour and fade away. The treatment you’ve just done should last 12 – 18 months. In this time, they find it very hard to germinate wherever Monty has been. When they do start to move in again, you’ll know exactly what to do combat the situation and only need a very light coating of Monty to move them out and keep it all fresh and clean.

I have white spots, what are they and will Monty clean them too?

White spots are also a living infection known as Lichens, similar to Black Spots. Monty won’t remove white spots, just Black Spots but the good news is, we’re about to launch a brand new Monty just for white spots! Watch this space

I want to seal my patio now that it’s clean, can I use any sealer or do you have one?

We have produced a Monty Sealer and, although it seems expensive, we’ve done extensive research to be able to guarantee up to ten years of protection. We’ve used the highest content of flourobond to ensure the pores of all hard surfaces are sealed, which repels spores in the air trying to bed in again, it also repels everyday dirt and grime getting into the nooks and granny’s. All whilst still allowing the surface to breathe.

Will Soft Washing remove oil or tyre stains?

No, your it will only remove organic growths, we’re also working on a new Oil Remover along with lots of other exciting products some of which are listed below. The team at Monty can spend two or three years testing out our new developments that go through many testing methods as well as many seasons, this is why it takes time but, when we do it, we do it well.

I’ve not washed my patio for 15 years, what can I expect with Soft Washing?

Soft Washing using the patent pending solution we use will melt away anything that is an organic growth regardless of the time it’s been there, even if it has a crust. With prolific problems that you may reveal like the dreaded Black Spot, we spray our  solution and brush with a soft brush, this allows the cleaner to get into every nook and cranny and will help achieve the best uniform clean.

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