Soft Wash Cleaning Services



 Get a rough idea how much it will cost

This is just a very rough guide to help you work out how much it would cost to have certain areas Soft Washed.

This typical driveway area covers approximately 40 sqm. 

Tips to help you calculate your cleaning area

It’s often difficult to understand how large an area is without measuring. You can pace out the length and width of your area and multiply them to get an approximate idea. An average stride is 1 metre, so if your driveway is 4 strides by 6 then this would be 24 square metres this would be all you/I will need to give a rough costing for example.

If you are currently not near your home, a common car like a Volkswagen Golf Hatchback has a footprint of around 8.5 square metres. With this in mind, you may be able to get a rough idea of the area you need to cover by thinking how many cars would be able to park in the area your need to clean.

Example areas

All driveways, patio areas & pathways are different. This information is here for a guide only and we cannot be held responsible for the accuracy. The best way is always to accurately measure the area you would like to clean.

Alternatively if you contact me I can come and measure up.