Soft Wash vs Power Wash

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Soft Wash vs Power Wash 1

Soft wash vs Power wash

Spot the difference!
So you may, at first glance think this is just a single stone paving slab that has been power washed.

The truth is I power washed all of this patio today.

So why is all but one slab black, and indeed looks still dirty.!?

Well the customer had actually had this professionally power washed some time ago and she said it looked just the same.
She actually just though they were just rubbish slabs.

I informed her that no power washing would ever remove this and that the stone had been cleaned but what she was seeing was a combination of lichen, algae and black spot.

So I treated one of the stones and the results were, as you can see nothing short of amazing!

If you look closely you can still see small traces of the spots.
This needs a second treatment but even with just one the contrast is startling!

Soft Wash vs Power Wash 2
Soft Wash vs Power Wash 3

Above is a close up of another patio single slab.

The one on the left is after power washing.
The one on the right is the same slab after having one half soft washed.

Just look at the amazing colours coming through.

Soft Wash vs Power Wash 4
Soft Wash vs Power Wash 5

Now the above is a before and after again but the difference here is it has not been power washed at all!

It had one soft wash treatment.

And yes whilst it could do with another round of soft wash it still came up really well.
Plus the advantage of a soft wash is it will not cause damage to the mortar.

Soft Wash vs Power Wash 6
soft wash

Yet another job above.

Close up of the black spots on the left and after treatment all gone.

They are not covering the entire surface of the stone but imagine having them all over all the slabs.

Better after they have been removed as can be seen on the right.

Soft Wash vs Power Wash 7
Soft Wash vs Power Wash 8

And the examples just keep coming 🙂

Soft Wash vs Power Wash 9
Soft Wash vs Power Wash 10

Just one more to end with.

This also did not have any power washing just a SOFT WASH.

Oh and I forgot to mention that having a soft wash lasts on average much longer than power washing.

Also, and mentioned it causes no damage to things like pointing.

And it also means you won’t have to re-sand your block paving. (subject to certain conditions) 

So if you would like to have a soft wash or power wash or both then just get in touch now.

Learn more about SOFT WASHING here – Click Here To Learn More

Soft wash FAQs – Soft Wash FAQs

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