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  • SureStop protecting property from the risk of water damage

    November 24, 2018 | Blog | handy
  • SureStop – The end of the brass stopcock

    Protecting property from the risk of water damage

    In the UK, our Winter conditions adversely affect many homes, causing water pipes to expand and rupture in properties and ultimately causing irrevocable damage, as well as triggering what has been reported as the most common type of homeowner insurance claim during the winter period – the escape of water, as a result of burst water pipes.

    What is Surestop?

    Surestop is an easy to use alternative to the
    traditional brass stopcock, which allows you to turn
    off your mains water supply at the flick of a switch
    in case of an emergency

    Features and benefits

    • Manufactured in the UK
    • Simple to use
    • Reduces the risk of water damage
    • Powered by water pressure – no batteries needed
    and no ongoing costs
    • WRAS approved stopcocks


    WHO Are SureStop?


    Surestop Stopcock with Remote Switch


    Brass stopcocks tend to be in the most inaccessible places. Surestop Remote Stopcock provides a simple and effective solution to this by delivering a method to turn off your water supply up to 2m’s away from where the pipework is located.

    The product is easy to install and works on water pressure alone, using the differential pressure to control the flow of water. No batteries or electricity required.


    • WRAS Approved up to 10 bar
    • Limescale Resistant
    • Lockdown Switch
    • PolyFit push-fit connections
    • Remote Switch
    • Extension tubing available to extend up to 6m


    Let me supply and fit your SureStop

    I may need to assess either before or on the day depending upon where you would like you SureStop switch but in most cases most people will just want it just under the sink (if main water supply comes into your building there)

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