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There are thousands of tarmac driveways that need some aspect of restoration. In many cases, homeowners are left with no option but to replace the whole driveway as they have left it far too long.

Before it gets to the stage where replacement may be the only option, its worth considering our tarmac restoration service. This new service will rejuvenate and re-color old tarmac. It’s certainly a more cost effective alternative and could save you many thousands of pounds.

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The benefits of tarmac restoration are:-

  • No need to replace an existing tarmac surface
  • Cost effective solution
  • Put back original colouring to the tarmac
  • Replaces resins lost from the surface
  • Easy to apply (roller) and quick to dry
  • Helps to stabilize cracks and reduce ‘fretting’

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Tarmac restoration is relatively new and the end results can be amazing and can totally transform the look and appearance of any tarmac surface. It will often look like it did when first laid.

As the surface needs to be relatively clean it is HIGHLY likely that the tarmac will need to be power washed!

With this in mind I offer a Power Wash and Tarmac Restoration all in one price.
Obviously the price depends on the size of area but for an average SINGLE driveway to clean and restore would be around £220
If you have a double drive or equivalent area it would be approximately £400
HOWEVER if you want a more accurate price just send me the EXACT dimensions of your drive/area to be restored or ask for an onsite visit.

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