TRV - Thermostatic Radiator Valve

Introducing the TRV (Thermostatic Radiator Valve – Your Solution for Efficient Heating)

Discover the Power of Thermostatic Valves

When it comes to controlling the temperature in your home, thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) are a game-changer. These innovative devices allow you to effortlessly modulate air temperatures across different rooms, giving you ultimate control over your heating system.

Effortless Functionality and Maximum Value

The thermostatic radiator valve head is an essential component of any radiator system. Its simple yet effective design makes it one of the most popular heating controls available. With its ease of use and excellent value for money, it’s no wonder why TRVs have become a go-to choice of service for many homeowners.

Customise Heat Levels for Every Room

Finding the right balance between comfort and energy efficiency can be a challenge. However, with TRVs, you can achieve both. By fitting a thermostatic radiator valve on the side of each radiator in your home, you can enjoy different heat levels in different rooms while maximising the efficiency of your boiler.

A Smart Solution for Optimal Comfort

Wondering how thermostatic radiator valves work? It’s simple! These valves are designed to self-regulate based on the desired room temperature. By sensing the air temperature in each room, they automatically adjust the flow of hot water into your radiators or heating system to maintain a consistent and comfortable environment. Note I say “air temperature” and NOT the temperature of your radiator or the water in it.

Straightforward Installation and Seamless Operation

Fitting and using TRVs has never been easier. With their user-friendly design, you can effortlessly install and set up these valves on the side of your radiators. Once installed, you’ll experience smooth and hassle-free operation, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of efficient heating without any complexity.

Experience Efficiency On-the-Go

With the advent of smart home devices you can now also benefit from smart TRVs. The provide next level of control over the standard manual ones. With emphasis on convenience, control, functionality and savings. That’s why smart thermostatic radiator valves are designed to work seamlessly with your lifestyle. Whether you’re at home or on the move, these valves ensure optimal efficiency by providing precise temperature control wherever you are.

Upgrade Your Heating System Today

Ready to take control of your home’s heating? Discover the power of thermostatic radiator valves and experience efficient heating like never before. Upgrade your heating system with TRVs and enjoy a comfortable living environment while saving energy and money.

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Introducing the Lockshield Valve: The secret to a perfectly balanced heating system. Designed to ensure optimal heat distribution, the lockshield valve is a vital component of your radiator setup. Acting as a flow control device, it allows you to adjust the flow rate of hot water into your radiator, ensuring each room in your home receives the right amount of warmth. By fine-tuning the lockshield valve, you can achieve an even temperature throughout your property and eliminate cold spots. Say goodbye to chilly corners and hello to cozy comfort with our reliable and efficient lockshield valve.
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Kitchen Tap 11 – Specification
AeratorReplaceable Aerator
Connection TypeCompression
Control TypeDouble Lever Control
Gravity Fed SystemsSuitable for Gravity-Fed Systems
Height To Spout216 mm
Hose Bore Size6 mm
Hose Diameter10 mm
Hose Length360 mm
Hose SuppliedSupplied with Flexible Tap Connector
Manufacturer Guarantee10 Year Manufacturer’s Guarantee (T&Cs Apply)
Maximum Bar Pressure5 bar
Minimum Bar Pressure0.1 bar
Model No33A
Mount TypeDeck-Mounted
Pack Size1
Parent ColourChrome
Pieces in Pack/Case1
Pressure SuitabilitySuitable for High & Low Pressure Systems
Product Depth229 mm
Product Height327 mm
Product TypeDual-Lever Mono Mixer Kitchen Tap
Product Width140 mm
Spout Reach193 mm
Spout TypeSwivel Spout
Tap Handle Type (Kitchens)Dual Lever
Tap StyleMono Mixer
Valve Type1/4 Turn