YALE PET Friendly Wireless Alarm


I will install this great wireless alarm system for £270.
That is Supply and Fit.

This alarm system which holds 3 auto-dial alert telephone numbers for contacting you if the alarm is activated. Can be set and unset by phone, allowing part arming of the system(Landline required) . Includes tamper warning protection. Can be expanded with up to 20 Yale devices, available separately.

The kit contains:

  • 2 PET friendly passive infra red (PIR’s) movement sensors 
  • 2 door/ window contacts
  • Live siren with strobe
  • Dummy siren
  • A dialler which will ring up to 3 pre-programmed telephone numbers (Landline required)
  • Full diagnostic CONTROL PANEL allowing total flexibility on settings
  • Alarm for Burglary, Fire and Panic
  • Chime on entry feature
  • Telecommunicating fully diagnostic control panel with battery back up


This alarm system comes with two PIR sensors which are pet safe.

This Pet friendly accessory will activate the alarm when larger motion (25kg and above) is detected. Ideal for homes with one small pet (less than 25kg). Please note that when used with larger pets there is an increased possibility of false alarms. In these scenarios use a Door/Window Contact to protect the area instead.

If you were to go for the alarm system and extra sensor it would be an additional £40 for each pet friendly sensor. 

Please note:- Telephone alert requires connection to telephone line.
If this is not close enough then an extra extension may be required – Not included in price! 
The alarm will work without this connection.

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