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Outside electrical socket supply and fit

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Outside socket

Also known as Outdoor plug or Electric socket

This is a job/service I have recently introduced due to the high number of people requesting it.

Now to keep things simple for both you as the customer and myself for fitting and costing there are some specific conditions.

I only fit an RCD double socket. This RCD basically (without getting technical) means that it has very specific safety features built in.

Cost to install outside socket
- £60 Supply & Fit

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IMPORTANT REGARDING FITTING LOCATION – I only fit back to back to an internal socket. Also, your wall needs to be relatively flat. If it is VERY uneven, like some stone then it may be an issue.

Benefits Of An Outside Socket

If you’re looking to have a new outside socket fitted for your garden, then you’ve come to the right place! With the recent sunshine (at the time of writing this 🙂 ) setting us in the mood for more Summery activities, we think about the things that can be achieved by having an outside tap on your home.

Whether it’s watering the flowers or washing the car, there are so many things that can be done with an outside socket that just isn’t possible without it!

There are so many things that an outside socket is useful for but we can only mention a few in this article! Take a look at our short list below of some things we couldn’t do without!

Weatherproof IP66

Weatherproof IP66 weather and dust protected, giving a high level of protection against ingress from water and dust and the durable seals will maintain integrity over the product’s life.

Robust housing

Robust construction The polycarbonate housing offers high impact and log lasting resistance, so you can trust that it will not crack or fade.

Black cover

The switched power socket has a clear cover which stays conveniently up when in use and once a plug is plugged in, the clear cover locks securely in place.

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Many of my customers also opt for one of my other services at the same time. 

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